Go Ahead and Lose Sleep Over Javy Baez

Go Ahead and Lose Sleep Over Javy Baez

What was that I wrote yesterday?

Something about Javy Baez bringing a little something, something back to Cubs baseball?

Oh yeah, that was it...excitement.

It's possible you missed all the excitement while you slept. It turns out Mr. Baez delivered the boom late last night. In the 6th at-bat of his major-league debut, Baez launched a 414-foot, opposite field bomb off Boone Logan in the 12 th inning.

Because of course he did.

Previously, the kid had gone hitless, 0-5, including three punchouts.

Yet Baez never appeared to be rattled by the big stage or to be lacking a calm approach at the plate. At least his skipper Rick Renteria thought so, and shared this with Mark Gonzales after the Cubs 6-5 extra inning victory.

“He’s not anxious,” Renteria said. “He’s got a very powerful swing, and you guys are seeing that. For the first game, I’m sure he’s got it under his belt now and is going to say, ‘hey, I can do this.’ “

"I took it like a spring training game with a lot of fans and a lot of people,” Baez said.

With the bases loaded in the seventh inning, Baez had crushed a pitch deep to the opposite field, only that drive was caught on the right field warning track, turning out to be just a long, loud out. However, the sheer display of ability left the Cubs broadcast team giddy as the rest of the fans.

It was telling a preview of what kind of impact Baez can have here. Get used to this sort of thing. This is likely what Baez will bring for the near future.

The power, the bat speed, the strikeouts. This is what we should come to expect until Baez settles into the kind of pro he will be. There will be many ups and downs as Baez navigates his way through the league and all were on display in his debut.

But the ups could carry a lot of weight for a team desperate for a spark.

It's not just the fans and Twitter that got a kick out of the kid's heroics either; starting pitcher Travis Wood did some clubhouse couch-slapping himself.

“We yelled,” Wood smiled.

Of course, if you're like me and had sleeping children in the house, you probably couldn't raise your voice too much. But I bet you were wide awake when the game ended.

And just like a baby, it appears the Cubs' new bundle of joy will be worth missing out on sleep for.


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  • fb_avatar

    As I wrote earlier, I stayed up and almost fell asleep near the end of the game, but then was so jacked up that I couldn't go to bed. Perfect analogy, as this is very much like caring for a newborn and having all those overreactions and worries and whatnot.

  • Hitting one HR in your first game does not make you a future HOF........just ask Tuffy Rhodes......he hit three on Opening Day.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Who's calling Javy a Hall of Famer? There's nothing wrong with getting excited about a kid with this much hype who is finally up. I get the feeling that you are actively rooting against the current strategy at this point.

  • In reply to Evan Altman:

    NO.....There is no doubt that the local Chicago media throws too much pressure on all these prospects, free agents when they come to Chicago....especially if they are Cubs players...................I have seen the local media build Chicago players up and then tear them apart before they leave town.

    Just sit back and just watch the team developed.....let these kids play......and don't expect too much out of them.......less pressure they have from the media, the more they will start to win.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to CubsTalk:

    How do you explain success in New York then? Frankly, if a guy can't cut it beneath the glare of the spotlight the Chicago media puts on him, then I don't want him. By all accounts, Javy Baez thrives under pressure. That's evident in his performance upon promotion and even a position change, and scouts have said as much.

  • In reply to Evan Altman:

    Yankees always have a winning clubhouse attitude......great players around....great managers.......great ownership..............not much pressure coming from the local media in NY.......Yankees are in the playoffs all the time it seems.........how many rings?.........does Baez thrive under pressure?.........we will see.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Unless you are referring to Jeter or Mariano Rivera, I don't think anyone else shares your view of the NY media.

    And the Yankees don't look like they are going to the playoffs this year. At least George Steinbrenner is no longer around to take out full page ads on how is he is sorry the Yankees did not meet expectations, which he used to do.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Not much pressure from media in NY? That's right on par with you saying that the taxes and cost of living there about the same as in Chicago. I don't mind you expressing a contrary POV, but it should at least have some basis in reality.

  • In reply to Evan Altman:

    Don't cry Evan when Lester, Masterson, Schezer & Shields signs with teams who are "ready" to compete in 2015.

    Right now, the Cubs are building a pitching staff that can make something happen due to good scouting and some luck. Why spend money on expensive pitchers when this team is not ready? 2015 is NOT the year. But 2016 could be !

    So lets review who could be on this starting staff in 2015.....

    Arietta..................Opening Day Pitcher
    Wood...................need to bounce back
    E Jackson............will have to endure another year if not traded
    Hendricks............looking good now
    Wada..................should get a good gauge by end of the year
    Doubront............next Arietta ?....or Volstad !
    Straily..................another #5 starter
    Rusin..................long relief guy now
    Beeler.................Dark Horse
    Ramirez..............could be a starter, but will be in the bullpen
    Grimm................will be looked at next ST as a starter
    Turner................looks like a "steal of the year"...keep your fingers crossed in the next 48 hours.

    Some experts say Cubs should go after pitcher Shohei Otani from Japan.

    Pitchers like Edwards, P Johnson & Blackburn are still not ready....maybe in 2016.

    Now Evan, if the Cubs did sign one of your FA pitchers, who do you think it will be....and how will this entire pitching staff look like in 2015!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to CubsTalk:

    What in the blue hell are you talking about in terms of "my" FA pitchers? Where do you come up with this stuff? I challenge you to find one place, either in a post or a comment, where I so much as insinuate that the Cubs should or will sign a big-time FA pitcher.

    Are you basing this on the fact that I stated that FAs will come to Chicago? Listen, I appreciate that you're reading (though I wonder whether you may be simply getting in here to pick at people), but your comments are starting to get really tiresome. And what is with the constant overuse of ellipses?

    I'd prefer not to block anyone from commenting, because, again, I appreciate a difference of opinion. But when said opinion is rooted in conjecture and ignorance, I'd prefer not to have to deal with it.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    please tell me your trolling.. because lol if you arent

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Point of fact: Tuffy Rhodes did not hit three home runs in his first game as a pro. He appeared in 92 games during 4 previous seasons with the Houston Astros. It wasn't even his first game as a Cub, having appeared in 15 games with the Cubs the previous season.

    What he did do was be the first to hit three HRs in his first three ABs in the first game of the season.

  • In reply to SkitSketchJeff:

    Also--Tuffy Rhodes didn't fail because of media pressure. He failed because he was bad at baseball.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to caryatid62:

    Though he did go on to become the all-time foreign-born HR leader in Japan, so he's got that going for him. Seriously, that's not bad.

  • In reply to caryatid62:

    If you make it to the majors.....you are not bad at baseball....and you did not failed..........Tuffy did live a dream that many boys had in life.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Ask that of any Met prior to 1969. Or any current Astro.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Comparing Javy Baez to Tuffy Rhodes is like comparing King Kong to a chimpanzee.

  • In reply to Andrue Weber:

    Same thing can be said about the Yankees and the Cubs.

  • Link to where it points out hitting 1hr makes you a hof'er?

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