Dog Days Are Over For Cubs Narrative

Dog Days Are Over For Cubs Narrative
Have the Cubs suddenly become fun to cover?

Just like that, the tide has turned.

The narrative, she has changed.

It seems like only yesterday when the only Cubs coverage you could read was stories highlighting debt load, miserable major league play, rooftop wars, and the stalled Wrigley rehab progress. The only positive storylines focused solely on the minor leagues and the prospects.

It seems to have happened almost overnight, but the change is quite evident now.

With the recent call-ups of Arismendy Alcatara, Javier Baez, and Kyle Hendricks, both Cub fans and the local media alike are starting to take notice of the team's future.

Look around at recent storylines. Go ahead and peruse, I'll wait.

Jake Arietta portrayed as an ace. Arietta open to extension. Cubs could land aces such as Lester or Price. Hendricks silencing the doubters. Oh, the optimism.

That escalated quickly.

Meanwhile, rumors are swirling of a Jorge Soler recall soon. Kris Bryant is still doing Kris Bryant things, and Addison Russell is quietly making his way into the picture here soon.

The Cubs clubhouse has felt the positive impact of the youth brigade. Players like Hendricks are now making believers out of the naysayers.

Hendricks can already see the shift himself.

‘‘The energy in the clubhouse is unbelievable with all these young guys,’’ he said. ‘‘We have a great team. We’ve been able to win a little bit lately, and we’re just going to try to keep it rolling.’’

Likewise, the skipper's job has become easier as a result of the injection of optimism.

“When you get to see the young men everyone has been talking about for the past couple years and how they’re coming here, and seeing them contribute in some way in a positive way, maybe it starts to validate the direction the organization is going in, which is good,” manager Rick Renteria said.

“We all understand it’s been a long time and that it’s going to take a while to chip away and have everybody feel positive about the organization, but it’s going that way.”

Look around, the Cubs are now actually a youthful team; they are fun to watch. Dare I say they have become fun to cover?

Even as we enter the latter days of summer, it's feeling like that Florence and The Machine song, which so eloquently stated: "The Dog Days Are Over".

At the very least it certainly seems so for the Cubs media coverage.


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  • Russell will not be here until late next year or early 2016 and Bryant will not be here until next year. But they are coming in waives and we are starting to address the pitching issue after the trade of Shark and Hammel.

  • Just getting Soler up here in September and I think this team officially gets the "frisky" label. Making your way through Rizzo, Castro, Baez, Soler, and Alcantara will require real work for NL SP's whose teams have played 140+ games....

  • Before we get too excited about this team......can we at least reach 500 !

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Short answer: no. Why wait?

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