When Will Cubs Shortstop Dominoes Begin To Fall?

When Will Cubs Shortstop Dominoes Begin To Fall?

The Cubs have themselves what we call a first world problem.

As you well know by now, the Cubs have themselves an All-Star shortstop in Starlin Castro. Yet, they now also boast two overall top ten prospects in both Javy Baez and the recently acquired Addison Russell that also happen to reside at short. So naturally, everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It's raining shortstops, hallelujah. Its' raining shortstops amen.

So many shortstops, so little time, how can the Cubs lose? Ok, I'm done.

Speculation says the Cubs front office may use one of these key pieces to acquire some impact pitching at some point. Or will it be a case of finding different positions for the trio, so that they can actually all play together?

I personally would like to see the latter.

As for Baez, he has now begun playing second base. Could this be a real indication of where the Cubs see him in their long-term plans? Or is it a temporary solution? By the way, there are also some whispers we are hearing that Baez could even see some MLB action by September.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Russell, most talent evaluators are in agreement he is the best shortstop out of the three. Could that factor eventually push Castro to another position? Possibly third-base? A recent report out of New York claimed the Cubs were of that thinking.

Does Castro have the bat for third? Would it matter if Baez is giving you power at 2B? My head hurts.

Castro may hold the most immediate trade value, I'm told. A proven commodity that has bounced back to previous form and then some. A SS that could have 20 HR season soon under his belt. In addition, his cost controlled contract makes him that much more desirable.

I did hear some chatter Friday that the Mariners were sniffing around Castro and the Cubs shortstops. The info did not quite connect at the time. The Mariners apparently were trying to make a play for David Price and didn't have enough ammo to make it happen. I was told Seattle was then possibly turning their attention to Castro.

Later in the day, Buster Olney speculated on a scenario that kind of pulled it all together.

The question is, even if Taijuan Walker was the bait coming back from Seattle, elite as his potential is, do the Cubs actually want to trade one of their best chips for a young arm that has had some issues?

That's an issue for me. I'm not so sure I would deal any of these young bats for arms just yet, especially with all the pitching attrition we have witnessed around the game of late. I prefer the Cubs continue to build their rotation the way they have been doing.

Find some guys to file behind Jake Arrieta and Travis Wood for now. Spend some dough or prospects on a true ace when the opportunity presents itself.

The Cubs don't need to be in any type of hurry. Russell is only 20 and won't likely force an issue for another season or so.

Let the Cubs just keep hoarding young bats.

For now, I like these "problems".


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  • fb_avatar

    I would as well hold onto the bats @ SS and see what plays out in the free agent/or trade for pitching this off season.

  • If Russell takes SS.....Castro cannot go to third because of Bryant......or is Bryant heading to LF?........Baez is at second......or is it Alcantara?.......Baez can go to LF....then Bryant can go RF.......but wait, Soler will be our RF........if Baez takes 2B, Alcantara can take CF....by wait, Almora is in CF........and what position Schwarber will takeover?......and Jiminez?......and McKinney?.....and Hannermann ?......I just hope we get the DH in the NL.....because the Cubs will need Vogelbach's bat in this lineup........so lets go back to my original question.....where will Castro play if Russell is at SS, Bryant at 3B, Baez at 2B, Bryant in LF, Alcantara in CF and Soler in RF ??????

  • I saw the Cubs are suing the Mascots around Wrigley for giving the team a bad name......

    Can Cubs fans sue the Cubs players for giving us bad seasons?

  • fb_avatar

    Young starting pitching are especially fragile . Personally I would rather the cubs sign 2 or 3 FA middle of the rotation starters next year... When the cubs are in contention in 2017 or 2018 then acquire a curt schilling type arm

  • In reply to Barry Bij:

    Barry, Who should the Cubs sign?.....name a pitcher or two.....

    Better question is.....Who would want to sign with this last place team with a no trade clause!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Tom actually wrote about the idea that the Cubs will be a destination as soon as this off-season. But MOR-types aren't necessarily as concerned w/ NTC's, particularly if the deal isn't a very long one. And when the Cubs are ready to contend, their deep system will allow them to trade for an arm.

  • In reply to Barry Bij:

    Word, Barry. Word.

  • Castro and Pierce Johnson for a Price. We keep him as our ace and ding him long term. Two problems solved

  • In reply to Craig:

    No....I am against a Price trade.
    First, Price has one more year left before F/A
    Second, no secret Price will sign with a West Coast team when he does become a free agent......and where are you then with Castro gone?
    Third, Castro could be a future HOF. Look at his age and his stats.
    Lets keep Castro and deal for pitching when this team can contend.....which will be 2016 the earliest.....for sure by 2017.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    I'd only do Price if extension.

  • fb_avatar

    Meanwhile, Russell went yard twice today with 6 RBIs. #problems

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