The Simpsons Wasted My Youth: Top 15 Episodes, Pt. 2 (Top 5)

The Simpsons Wasted My Youth: Top 15 Episodes, Pt. 2 (Top 5)

Last week, I put out numbers 15-6 in my top 15 Simpsons episodes list (you can read it here). I got some good commentary on that list and I look forward to more great Simpsons conversation on the rest of the list. Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'Sir' without adding 'you're making a scene.' For your enjoyment, I added in more Simpsons-related jokes, more links to hilarious YouTube videos, and a few pictures for good measure.


 5) Flaming Moe's (Season 3) - This episode could easily be considered the one that started it all. If you look back at the order that episodes were aired, Flaming Moe's is the first really great episode. Does it have a lot of quotable moments? Not really. But it is certainly memorable.

The plot is that Moe is low on sales and hasn't been able to pay his bills. Moe is out of beer, and isn't used to having to make other drinks (“Gin and those mix?”). Homer tells Moe about a drink he invented when he was out of beer at home. You mix the little bits left in all of your liquor bottles, add a little bit of grape children's cough syrup, and light it on fire.

Unfortunately for Homer, his “Flaming Homer” drink is re-branded as a “Flaming Moe.” This new drink turns Moe's dying business into a huge success, and the resulting fun includes an appearance by Aerosmith as themselves, a fantastic “Cheers” spoof including a new waitress, and even a brilliant theme song.

Outside of a few moments, this episode is light on Simpson family members other than Homer. However, moments like Lenny accidentally lighting his hair on fire, Bart's prank call to Hugh Jass, and Homer's sarcastic rant about his drink making people happy vault this episode into the back end of my top 5.


4- Mr. Plow (Season 4) - Another classic. Every Simpsons fan knows the Mr. Plow jingle. The story starts with Homer at Moe's (shocking, right?) during a snowstorm. When driving home late at night, he wrecks his car...into Marge's car. Not only does it set up the major plot point of the episode, it brings us this moment of Homer talking to the insurance agent.

 Homer buys a snow plow to make some money on the side, and does really well in the beginning. However, after giving his pal Barney some advice on how to be more successful, he finds that Barney has purchased a bigger and better plow and has taken all of his business.

The best moments of this episode include the Mr. Plow commercial with Grandpa Simpson as Old Man Winter (“Get out of here, you lousy...season!”), our learning which President is on the ten-thousand-dollar-bill (“All of them. They're having a party. Jimmy Carter is passed out on the couch.”), and a short cameo by Adam West as himself.

All in all, I ranked this episode as number 4 because it's funny, it's very quotable, and it's very memorable in Simpsons lore.


 3) The Springfield Files (Season 8) - We've made it to the top 3, and this episode can make me laugh every single time I see it. For only being about 25 minutes long, they packed in a ton of laugh-out-loud jokes.

The episode starts by establishing that it's Friday, and everyone in town is getting ready for the weekend, with the exception of Bart (“Friday is just another day between NBC's Must See Thursday and CBS's Saturday night Craporama.”) Homer has a few too many to drink at Moe's (seeing the common theme here?) and decides to walk home through the woods.

After a few scary moments, Homer has a close encounter with a creature he believes to be an alien. Glowing green and speaking in a sweet, heavenly voice (like Urkel), this creature appears every Friday night (LIKE URKEL!) in the woods. Homer gets everyone to buy into his story and they go out to the woods one Friday to see for themselves.

To even list all of the moments of hilarity would do no justice, but I'll attempt it anyway. Homer explaining the movie about the speeding bus, Homer screaming at the DIET sign, the cameos by Agents Mulder and Scully from the FBI, Homer on the lie detector, Homer's drunk rambling at Moe's (“Blue MnM, red MnM, they all end up the same color in the end.”), all of the Simpsons' camping equipment having tags that say “Property of Ned Flanders” or “Happy Birthday Ned”, and Grandpa being bitten by his own teeth.

Again, a huge reason this one cracks the top 5 is because of all the hilarious moments. I could go on for days about the moments I left out of this description, but for the sake of word counts I won't. A guest appearance by Leonard Nimoy nudges this one up a bit as well. SPOILER ALERT: the alien is actually just Mr. Burns.

2) Cape Feare (Season 5) - At this point, it's redundant to mention that this episode is a classic and hilarious. Of course it is, right? To make it this far up the list it would have to be. But Cape Feare is no cheap pick, either.

 Not only does this episode bring back the show's best recurring guest star (Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob), but it introduces what has become known as Sideshow Bob's theme music. The score for the episode is excellent. The plot centers around Bob getting out of prison and threatening to kill Bart in a manner that spoofs the movie “Cape Fear” starring Robert De Niro.

After Bob threatens Bart, the Simpsons decide to go into the witness relocation program. This doesn't stop Sideshow Bob, as he hides under the Simpsons car as they head off to Terror Lake to start their new life. The episode culminates with Bob attacking Bart with a machete on their boat as it floats down the lake. However, Bart wiggles out the situation by asking Bob to sing the entire score of “The HMS Pinafore.”

Not only are there hilarious moments, but moments that I consider to be some of the funniest in Simpsons history. First, the “Hello Mr. Thompson” bit. Seriously, it still makes me laugh every time I see it. Second, the rakes (linked in case you need to watch 10 minutes of Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes). The rakes are probably the all-time best Simpsons moment, at least in my humble opinion.

It was a tough call putting “Cape Feare” in the number 2 spot, but after careful consideration I realized that there is nothing wrong with number 2 on this list. Anywhere in the top 30 means that it's likely comedic gold.


 1) You Only Move Twice (Season 8) - This episode takes the cake for several reasons. First, it's freaking hilarious. This is mostly due to Albert Brooks, who voices Hank Scorpio and ad libs the majority of the funny moments of the episode. Second, Albert Brooks is freaking hilarious. Is that just one reason? Doesn't matter.

The Simpsons receive an offer for Homer to go work in a new town with a big salary working for his new boss, Mr. Scorpio(n). The family uproots, and Homer does surprisingly well in his new job. The problem is that Marge, Lisa, and Bart are all extremely unhappy with their new lives. After careful consideration, Homer decides that it would be best for his family to move back to Springfield.

I couldn't even begin to write out the dialogue from all of the great Homer/Scorpio conversations, but if you've made it this far on the list you probably know the episode. Saying goodbye to his shoes, popeye/papayl, the hammock district, “I didn't even give you my coat!”, Homer asks for some sugar, and many more.


The best part about the whole episode is that Scorpio is some sort of evil, James-Bond-villain type bad guy, and yet Homer is completely oblivious. It culminates with the US Army breaking in at the end of the episode and attempting to take out Scorpio, all while Homer attempts to talk to Hank about needing to move his family back to Springfield.

I hope you enjoyed my list, but if you didn't, click here.


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  • Personally, I find the Sideshow Bob episodes too creepy. I said when Frasier came on that it was a good thing Kelsey Grammer had a second job (Sideshow Bob), because Frasier wasn't going to make it. In that same vein, the only one I found tolerable was the one with Sideshow Cecil and whoever Sideshow John Mahoney was. Not that I remember the plot.

    If you are picking celebrities, the one with or without Michael Jackson playing a moonwalking fat white guy would be up there.That was in the days when celebrities couldn't admit that they were on The Simpsons (the other been being Dustin Hoffman). Times have certainly changed.

    Maybe because of ethnic background, I remember the Rabbi Krustofski episodes, especially the one where Krusty asks "Do you know how much I donate to B'Nai Brith?" "Actually I do." "Goodbye."

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