Talking Jeff Samardzija Trade Fallout, Cubs All-Star Hopefuls, and More on the Radio

Talking Jeff Samardzija Trade Fallout, Cubs All-Star Hopefuls, and More on the Radio

The only thing I love to do more than talk is write, but it's a really close race. I'm thankful each day to be able to share my views with an audience beyond just my wife, who would likely be driven insane if I lacked another outlet for my thoughts. I continue to be both humbled and amazed when I receive compliments from readers or listeners. Same goes for radio hosts that have asked me to come back for return engagements.

On Thursday, July 3rd, I was actually headed up to Chicago for a mini-vacation with my family, but the afternoon got off to a start that was anything but relaxing. An accident on I-65 had closed the road in both directions in Lafayette, IN, so we had to detour through town...along with everyone else.

I'm not a patient man, and spending 45 minutes trying to deal with the detour had me boiling. My wife graciously offered to drive after we finally returned to the interstate, which was a God-send in more ways than one. Not only was I able to avoid being forced to drive 55 in the left lane of a 70mph speed limit stretch, but I was also able to tweet out the post about my heroic uncle.

I was also able to receive texts, which was pretty important at 3:45, when I got one that read: "Calling in 15. Cool?" My confused response, "What's that?" went out and I racked my brain to find out what I might be missing. I didn't have a work call, and I knew I hadn't scheduled any radio call-ins.

Then my phone rang: "Hey, Evan, it's Kent Sterling. I think I forgot to ask you about this the other day, but I'd like you to be the regular 4pm Thursday guest." Weird, I was just telling my wife that I had done Kent's show last Thursday, so maybe he was mixed up, or I was.

Anyway, I was honored just to have been asked to appear on the show more than once, let alone on a regular basis. Being on with Kent is always enjoyable, definitely a welcome reprieve from the stress of the drive. So I finished the call and we eventually made it to Chicago, where fun at the SkyDeck, Giordano's, and the Shedd Aquarium ensued.

Kent Sterling Show, Thursday, July 3rd

Once we had gotten our fill of sharks, stingrays, and jellyfish, my family headed south to North Judson on the Fourth. Taking advantage of the close proximity, I attempted to stop at 3 Floyds, only to discover that they are closed on Independence Day; I guess people in The Region don't drink beer while watching fireworks.

Despite the fruitless quest for abnormal beer, we made it to my hometown and settled in to grill hot dogs over the fire and watch bombs bursting in air. Of course, I ended up being far more mesmerized by the fireworks taking place on Twitter as the Cubs pulled off a blockbuster trade.

Unable to sleep in spite of the long day, I got a message from Eli Hershkovich about coming on his show, The Lineup on Radio DePaul, the following day to discuss the trade. I was also reminded that I had pledged to perform my best Hawk Harrelson impersonation, which I'd been thinking about since my last visit.

I think I pulled it off moderately well, fitting in takes while talking about Samardzija (He gone!) and the reality of the trade sinking in (You can put it on the board...yes!). Listen for yourself...

Again, I want to thank my gracious hosts for inviting me and each of you readers and listeners out there for allowing me to do what I do. This is truly my passion and I love getting the chance to indulge myself in it every day.


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  • So glad I didn't try to go to 3F friday then. I went Thursday around 2 pm to get some Zombie Dust and there as a nope hour long line to get in for carryout.

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    Where is the content that your title refers to? Bit misleading, don't ya think? ZZZzzz about your ride and traffic and ...

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    In reply to Randy Michelson:

    Hey, thanks for reading and for providing such insightful and constructive feedback.

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    Great interview but that was a terrible Hawk impersonation .......I just lost all respect for those interviewing you for thinking that remotely sounded like Hawk.

    Love your work on the site.

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    In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Thanks for the kind words. I think they were giving me 10 bonus points just for making such a fool of myself. But my word is my bond, so I had to do it. Wait, am I writing about myself again? Shoot, Randy's not gonna like this response.

  • I never could figure out:
    1. If you get off I-65 (and actually preceding I-65) pretty much all highway numbers around Lafayette are on US 52 bypass, and there isn't a direct way to get to Purdue from the north. Somehow they had Purdue Stadium marked at US 231, and the SR 43 exit takes you to somewhere in West Lafayette that doesn't connect with SR 26 westbound. US231 (Exit 193) was marked as "Roundgrove," which I don't think ever existed.

    2. I found, during construction on I-80/94, that the best way north from Lafayette was the old US 52/41 route to US 30, since after I-65 was built, nobody uses it any more.

    3. I was surprised that Three Floyds did not have a package store, just a proletariat brew pub. To indicate how far I go back, there used to be a Lums just south of Exit 1 in Munster, and people from Hyde Park would drive out there just to get the beer in the frozen mug.

    4. Craig Ferguson mentioned, in response to a tweet from North Judson, whether there was a South Judson. Indiana not being New York, the answer is no.

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    In reply to jack:


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