Rays Could Deal With Cubs, Jays Wish They Would Have

Rays Could Deal With Cubs,  Jays Wish They Would Have

While the Cubs try to unload Edwin Jackson, (good luck with that) there is a chance they could still make some other minor deals by the July 31 deadline.

One team, the Rays, may still be trying to figure out whether they are buyers or sellers in the market. Or both. As it was put to me, they may just be realigning assets. That said, Tampa may have an interest in dealing with the Cubs here soon. At the same time, it sounds like another team, the Jays, wishes they would have sooner.

The word I heard yesterday was that Tampa was looking into the Cubs left-handed relievers, such as James Russell and even former Ray Wesley Wright. Wright would be a surprise as they let him walk after last season.

I was also told that the Blue Jays are now regretting not making a deal for either Jeff Samardzija or Jason Hammel previously. A source says Toronto is currently finding the price for what's left out on the pitching market to be absurd, especially considering the value.

In hindsight, the Jays would have taken the opportunity to deal for a front-line starter like Samardzija, even though that meant meeting the Cubs' steep asking price.

All along, the Cubs were insisting that Toronto include not one, but two top pitching prospects and in both Aaron Sanchez and Daniel Norris in a deal. Toronto was only willing to give up one of their young arms at the time. The Jays apparently were also very reluctant to include outfielder Dalton Pompey.

Despite all that, it was figured the Jays and Cubs would finally get down to business and consummate a deal since both sides were highly motivated. However, Oakland and Billy Beane came out of the shadows to snag both Samardzija and Hammel by offering a surprise package headlined by top prospect Addison Russell.

That was more than enough to get the Cubs to pounce. It left Toronto to sift through what is left of a thin pitching market. If the Rays are actually now thinking about adding instead of selling, that pitching market just got even thinner.

Hey, maybe the Cubs can still find a taker for Jackson after all?


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  • Tom, I take it you didn't watch yesterday's Cubs game before posting this. Jackson has trade value after that kind of start?

  • In reply to jack:

    I was being facetious. I tend to do that.

  • fb_avatar

    I wish we kept one of this pitchers for the jays. God I would love being able to pencil in stroman,Sanchez,,or Norris into the rotation for the next 6-7 years.

    Not a biggie if Adisson is the real deal as most project.

    Looks like Lester is going to make it to free agency,,,,,,Tommy. Nickels better give Theo a blank check and let him decide name convince Lester to sign a deal which will be good for both sides.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    No way Jays were moving Stroman. I like the Russell move better, and Lester would be perfect.

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    Stroman looked very good yesterday against the Bosox. No way we get him now, unless we want to start talking the core names. Id say lets go to FA and take a shot at Lester or Shields.

  • fb_avatar

    What would a Lester, Shields, Masterson or Hammel deal be worth in free agency? That might make for a good blog post. I'd expect Lester to get about what Greinke got and the others are sort of a mystery.

  • Any chance the Cubs snag a competitive balance pick at the deadline? Would a deal with the Orioles or Mariners make sense?

  • I really don't care if they move Jackson or not. They'll eat a lot of next year's contract, but that's already a sunk cost. The Cubs gain opening pitching slot in the rotation, but they've got two slots to rotate among the 2015 auditioners.

    What I hope can happen is a trade packaging Russell and Valbuena/Ruggiano that nets us one real nice prospect and one or two lower A power arms with command work to do. Individually, I don't think any of those players net more than the scrubs we got in the Theriot and Fontenot deals way back when.

    I also listen on Arrieta. He's already 28, which means he'll be in his 30s once this org is ready to compete for the playoffs, but of peak value to a contender. He has some arms concerns and has yet to pitch more than 175 innings in any professional year. Because of this, the Cubs have, smartly, really guarded his pitch counts to protect this asset (and to Arrieta's credit, he's adjusted and become a far more efficient pitcher). So with one more start this month, Arrieta may be at his peak value. If we can use him to get Toronto package that included either Sanchez/Norris, I'd leap at it.

  • Would be nice to see Samardzija beat the Jays in the playoffs......the Jays GM would be banging his head for the entire winter season..

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