I Like It, But I Still Have Some Concerns With the Cubs Trade of Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel

I Like It, But I Still Have Some Concerns With the Cubs Trade of Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel

First, I want to take a moment to brag on the man who brought me on board here, Tom Loxas. If you're not on Twitter, or if you were too busy with actual fireworks, you probably missed the online explosions last night.

But Tom was out front, lighting the fuse on what eventually became an enormous powder keg of speculation and innuendo and then, eventually, fact. I actually joined Twitter in the build-up to the Carlos Zambrano trade, knowing that the news cycle was so much faster there.

And never has that fact been more obvious than last night. Of course, not everyone felt that way...

Then again, plenty more recognized and gave credit where it was due...

Okay, now that I've finished sucking up to the boss, I can move on to the rest of my post. As you can tell from the headline, I've got a few concerns. First, however, I'd like to share a few things about which I'm not worried.

Whether it's because I'm lazy (which isn't the case, because it takes longer to search for and embed the tweets I want than to just type my own thoughts out) or unintelligent (up for debate; I think I'm pretty smart, but I'm also very biased), I have chosen to enlist the help of friends here.

But since I find myself to be quite funny and witty on occasion, I'm going to share some of my own stuff too. Of course, given the volume of tweeting I did last night, culling a few witticisms isn't necessarily indicative of my overall level of humor.

So anyway, I'm not concerned with...

Starting Pitching

Preach on, Sahadev! When the smartest dude in the room talks, you'd do well to listen.

Logjam at SS

Our own Kenny D (his last name is harder to spell than Samardzija, so I've decided that discretion really is the better part of valor) was quite prescient in his post from a short while back; you can never have too many shortstops.

Given the argument so many have made that not every prospect works out, you'd think they'd see the sound logic in acquiring so many talented farmhands. And if you do end up with a logjam, you've suddenly created currency for other needs.

The Farm System

Nuff said.

Okay, now that we've cleared all that up, let's move on to my concerns. I'm sure many of you share some of these, whether you admit it or not, so I'm going to get right to it.

Naming Right

This is real, folks. Even seasoned vets to the game were getting confused and were at least reaching for the panic button, thinking that the Alcantara in question was the Cubs' Arismendy and not the A's Raul. It may all be moot in the end, Raul may or may not be the PTBNL, not to mention that there may or may not even be a PTBNL.

But given his rapid ascension, all of us Midwestern folks were just being taught (or learned, as the local nomenclature holds) how to say the kid's name. There's a high likelihood that Arismendy will soon be arriving at Addison St., triggering a run on gear with his name.

What happens if Raul ends up being a part of the deal and is then called up? Can you take your shirsey back to the store to have them iron on an "A."? It's just too much to fathom. Also, having Addison playing at Addison? And explaining that to my daughter Addison? Ugh.

Finally, I had just learned to spell "Samardzija" well enough to disregard the red spell-check line that inevitably appears under his name (oddly enough, I didn't get the line the first time I typed it, but did on the recent one; weird). I feel now that my painstaking efforts were all for naught.

Sox fans are talking us off ledges.

I managed to avoid most of the uninformed haterific narratives that were inevitable with the trade of of two SPs. Despite the fact that it's been building since at least mid-May with Shark, and the fact that Hammel was signed with the intention of flipping him, people were still up in arms.

But the worst of it is when I go to my Facebook timeline to find a Sox fan talking Cubs fans down from ledges. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Those guys are supposed to be taunting us, like the last temptation of Christ, not telling us what a smart move this was.

Here I had been thinking that an Iowa Cubs game in which Manny, Kris Bryant, and Javy Baez all went yard would be the sign of the Cubspocalypse, but now I know better. This is like dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria. For example:

Cubs fan: So...Samardzija and Hammel-two of the three best pitchers the cubs have to offer for...wait for it...MORE PROSPECTS!!! Two, actually, and one pitcher that got sent down to AAA after struggling. Awesome. There comes a time when you eventually have to stop hoarding prospects and start actually keeping a team together. It's almost enough to make me switch to the South Side...

Sox fan: The Cubs are rebuilding. Theo made that known when he came to town. I know it's hard for you to understand because they have been mediocre for so many many years but, this is how you build championship teams. You've waited 100 years what's 3 more hurt. And on top of that you won't be handcuffed with Jeff Samardjiza'scontract which will command around 120 million dollars...It kills me to say this but, the Cubs are going to be a special team in a couple of years...

The video board

Yeah, this scares me, but not for the reasons many have expressed so far. It would have been bad enough to plaster Kris Bryant's beaming mug on a giant screen, but now we might have Addison Russell up there too.

By the time the Cubs finally have a good enough team pack Wrigley again, they're going to ruin it by preventing anyone from paying attention to the game. #Cubes.

As you can see, my concerns (while totally relevant and topical) aren't necessarily those of the detracting masses. I've been out in front of the band in talking about how the Cubs are actually playing good baseball right now, but this is about the future.

I mean, you didn't really think they had a shot at the playoffs this year, did you? The improvement is about showing potential, not about making a run. And by swinging a ballsy move like this, the Cubs have further solidified a dynamic young core that will be able to compete for titles.

And speaking of, I'd love to see Shark and Hammel pitching in the World Series for the A's, I really would. But having them gone gives the Cubs the best chance to win moving forward; we'll just have to wait 'til next year though.

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  • And the great thing is that after this season, Hammel could re-sign in Chicago. And when the Cubs are going to be hopeful contenders coincides with Shark hitting free agency. Yeah, I don't think it'll happen either. Just saying.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to cubbie steve:

    Exactly. As unlikely as those things are, you can't totally rule them out. Essentially, the Cubs have put themselves in a position to get both players back, while at the same time getting an unprecedented (for them) haul of young bats.

    I wanted to have a little fun in light of all the freak-outs, but I hoped to convey some seriousness below the veneer of sarcastic humor.

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