Cubs Prospects: Promotions and Metaphors For Everyone

Cubs Prospects: Promotions and Metaphors For Everyone

Get ready for the waves of Cubs prospects.

You also may want to brace yourself for the waves of metaphors. Light, hope, dawning, you're going to see them all.

Jorge Soler! Albert Almora! Ron Leta!

It's okay to get excited.

A night like last night is what Cubs fans, and even the guys on the business side, have been dreaming of. A huge night from a core player like All Star Anthony Rizzo, a strong outing from Kyle Hendricks, mix in a blast from the bat of Arismendy Alcantara, and cap it off with a little excitement following the game.

I can just see @NotTomRicketts schilling tickets for next year, or maybe even this September. When was the last time anyone went to a September Cubs game?

The front office is pretty pumped too, I would imagine. I can just see Jed Hoyer sitting back and watching his smartphone explode as he played with Cubs fans' heartstrings last night. By promoting two more "core" prospects in Soler and Almora, waves of enthusiasm were felt throughout the Twitterverse. He had already gotten the party going earlier by designating Darwin Barney and proclaiming that it was now "Mendy-Time."

Rumblings of a possible Soler promotion were already being heard of late. Last night it became a reality, not to mention the fact that the writing is on the wall for a September call-up. I was told to bank on it, barring an unforeseeable mishap. Unfortunately those tend to happen with Mr. Soler.

When it comes to Almora, it was somewhat of an aggressive promotion, but the Cubs have a lot of faith in this kid's makeup to be able to handle it. Kris Bryant can't be far behind you say? Pump the brakes. I'm told the "franchise" will definitely be held back until the clock is out-maneuvered; think late April, early May.

Back to Soler; a lot of the reasoning for the call-up was for him to get a chance to work with Manny Ramirez. Well, that, coupled with the fact he is already on the 40-man roster with a $30 million major-league contract and no clock issues to be considered. He will get at least a month or so to work under Ramirez before likely making his big league debut this fall.

From there, you may even see his soon-to-be Iowa teammate Javy Baez joining him. In Baez's case, the Cubs could conceivably bring him up in September for a taste and still reasonably start him off in AAA next spring if he shows any signs of struggling.

This will be an exciting time for everyone involved. Many fans have been clamoring for the Cubs to add high-potential big-league talent to the roster, something for them to come out to the park to see.

However, when it comes to the blockbuster show everyone has been waiting for, you can check out the preview now airing in Iowa.


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  • I just found this site. I'm glad that I have three sites (yours, bleacher nation and cubs den) with well thought out articles with cautious optimism. Keep up the good work Tom.

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