Talking Manny Ramirez, Cubs Business, and More on The Kent Sterling Show

Talking Manny Ramirez, Cubs Business, and More on The Kent Sterling Show
Kent Sterling admits to being a little excitable; I did my best to keep his head from exploding.

Let's just get this right out there in the open: I like to hear myself talk. Or, at least, that's what my wife, parents, and friends would have you believe. I think a more accurate way to put it is that I like for other people to hear me talk.

But when it comes to actually hearing my own voice played back, regardless of the medium, I can't stand it (I've not listened to the file below, nor to any of my other radio appearances). I didn't feel the same as a child, when my brother and I would frequently record play-by-play calls of last-second Larry Bird game-winners and Ryne Sandberg walk-offs.

Suffice to say, my skills in that arena have eroded, as Eli Hershkovich (@TheLineupRDP) and his listeners know all too well. But when I was a kid with a blank Memorex and a dream, I could have given Vin Scully and Pat Hughes runs for their respective money.

I did all I could to use only blank or worthless tapes for my work, so as not to irreparably damage an MC Hammer track or a Little Thinker story. My younger brother though, having no such compunction, once used our tape of Batman and Robin in The Case of the Laughing Sphinx (yes, that's a link to a YouTube recording of the entire audio) to record his nonsensical ramblings.

At some point after young Dick Grayson tries to foil the gang's scheme, admonishing his family's murderers with: "You rats! You can't go around hurting people and animals," a 4-year-old voice cuts in with gibberish. It didn't totally ruin the story, but certainly changed the tone of the Dark Knight's rescue and subsequent training of the boy who would become Robin.

Ah, but if I continue down memory lane, I may never come back; two paths diverged in a yellow wood and whatnot, you know. Oddly enough though, this blogging gig has enabled me to become a little like my brother. I get to interject my own ramblings into other people's radio shows for a few minutes at a time and it's all recorded for posterity.

My most recent victim, er, generous host, Kent Sterling (@KentSterling) was also actually the first to have me on his show back in April. Now he's got a new afternoon show on CBS Sports 1430 in Indy, and I was able to talk Manny Ramirez in Iowa, and the current state of the team, all while trying to avoid making Kent's head explode.

Writing is my true passion, but I do love to talk. If you've got a few minutes, give it a listen.

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