Off-Day Offerings: Reimagined Cubs Logos

The Cubs have been around in one form or another since 1876, so they've naturally had many different logos over the course of time. But the current primary logo has been in place since 1979, the longest the organization has ever gone without a facelift. I stand firmly in the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" camp, so I am in favor of keeping things the way they are.

That's not to say I'm against throwbacks (one of my most prized possessions is a Ryne Sandberg '84 road jersey) and the occasional alternate uniform or logo, only that I don't want to see change just for the sake of changing. But that's exactly what the folks at DesignCrowd, an online marketplace for crowdsourced design work, had in mind when they put together a contest to reimagine the Cubs logo.

Naturally, a contest of this nature is going to draw participants from all parts of the globe and all walks of life, some (or maybe all) of whom aren't really familiar with the traditions and history of the Cubs -- a fact that would help to explain the preponderance of Clark images present in the entries. Either that, or they are familiar and they're trolling.

So while I personally don't care to see the logo changed and I really don't care for a lot of the ideas you'll see below, I can appreciate the creativity that went into some of them.  I should note that this contest is not promoted or endorsed by the Cubs organization or MLB; it was simply meant to be a fun show of creativity surrounding one of baseball's most well-known brands. As such, there's no need to shake your fist at either Crane Kenney or Bud Selig.

You know, on second thought, go ahead and shake your fist at the newly-extended president of business operations; I'm actually doing it right now. In fact, every time someone reads this, I'll gesticulate to express my displeasure with his handling of all things related to Cubs business. But I'm sure the clean, classic logo's not something even Crane Kenney could mess up, right? I'll keep my fingers crossed just in case.

I have ordered the images according to personal preference, but I'm interested to hear which, if any, you like and which creation you believe won the DesignCrowd contest. Do you have a favorite Cubs logo, past or present, and do you think the Cubs should try to change things up or stick with what they've got? Please feel free to tweet me and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • #1 was enough of Clark.
    #6: at least the bat on which the 2 birds on the StL are perched works. Maybe #6 symbolizes the lack of bats on 2 out of 3 Cubs lineups.
    #9 could work if better stylized into Jeff's, Russell's or Schlitter's mullet. Maybe your artist can do something with Villenueva's handlebar.

  • fb_avatar

    Number 10 would be the only one I would consider none of these with the little bear enough of the cuddly stuff. I also agree with the writer if it is not broke don't fix it.

  • In reply to RonC:

    #10 hits me as two bears looking in opposite directions (depending on one's take of the orientation of the ears). Now, maybe if there were one bear face and ditch the logo, that might be going somewhere.

  • fb_avatar

    When I first got this list, the number of Clark images really struck me. Since I didn't participate in the actual contest, I'm not sure whether folks were given that as something to work off of or what. Regardless, I wasn't a fan. I mean, I get the furry mascot thing and my kids like that stuff, but it's certainly not something I'd lead with.

    I actually think the last one is pretty cool, the kind of thing you could put on some unofficial gear or one of those New Era hats or whatever.

  • In reply to Evan Altman:

    I literally burst out laughing when I saw the third image. I thought they were trolling with Clark or something and he looked so funny with his body tilted.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Justin Jabs:

    Right? And I really do think the bulk of that design is pretty cool. It's not something I'd want as an official logo, but it's unique and has a sort of throwback feel. But I think I expressed my views of Clark there pretty clearly: he's a skidmark.

  • In reply to Evan Altman:

    Looks like he is winding up to throw the 45 foot Eephus pitch.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to jack:

    Fitting, since his rollout was the marketing equivalent of an eephus pitch.

  • Has any team ever used its "mascot" in its logo? Of course, we're talking about a team that wants to have indoor bullpens. Does any other team have such a thing? The Cubs organization shows absolutely no respect (knowledge?) of baseball traditions, so they're liable to do anything.

    #10 looked okay, but then it started looking like a Rorschach test. Are those the heads of babies carved out of the side of a mountain, like Mt. Rushmore, symbolizing the kids Clark is supposed to make love the Cubs?

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