MLB Uniforms that Should Be Brought Back

MLB Uniforms that Should Be Brought Back

After seeing the Padres bust out those awesome brown and yellow jerseys for their series against the Cubs, it got me thinking about teams that have ridiculously cool uniforms that they no longer wear in favor of some that are less than stellar.  The Blue Jays got it right when they went back to the royal blue look and may have the best uniforms in the game today.  Lets take a look at some teams that should go back to their old duds.

San Diego Padres


As mentioned above, the Padres pulled out the brown, yellow and orange uniforms Thursday against the Cubs and they looked absolutely fantastic.  Brown, orange and yellow does not seem like the greatest color combination, but the Padres got it right.  Their current uniforms, in my opinion, are the worst in the league.

The Padres' everyday unis really have nothing going on. I tweeted that the they should wear the 80s style jersey and got an angry message from a follower because he believed they were trolling the Cubs because of the 1984 playoffs. I don’t care, those jerseys are freakin’ awesome.  The 80s uniforms are so unique and not a team in the league has a similar color combination.  The stripes around the neck and at the end of the sleeves are a nice touch to a classic jersey.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


The Angels have had so many great uniforms and the ones they currently wear are not bad either.  How many teams have a red and white combination? A lot, which is why they should go back to the blue, teal and red they wore in the late 90s.  I do not like the vest look they had, but the hats they wore may be some of the best of all time.  The A with the angel wing is really an amazing look.  So get rid of the vest, modernize the uniforms with those colors, and the Angels will have a unique, classy look.

Arizona Diamondbacks


The maroon look the DBacks are currently rocking just does not do it for me.  They are not the worst things in the world but the purple and teal look they wore until they changed in 2007 were awesome.  Again, the vest look is brutal; but if they modernize the uniform with their original colors they can have a sharp look.  I'm sure they wanted to be different than their division-rival Rockies, but Arizona wore the purple so much better. Heck, they won a world series in those beauties.

Honorable mention

Milwaukee Brewers


I am really not a fan of the Brewers current look but it is kind of unique.  The M-B positioned to look like a glove is one of the better-looking hats out there.  They do wear those uniforms occasionally but if they do go back to the royal blue and yellow look I do not think anyone will be too upset.  The only thing is, a lot of teams already wear royal blue.

Tampa Bay Rays


Tom definitely disagrees with me here, as do many others I assume, but the inaugural-season uniforms from back when they were the Devil Rays are fantastic.  The purple, teal, yellow and black in the letters looked very cool.  Again, they had such a unique uniform before they changed it to just green and black, and then eventually when they switched to just the Rays.

I have this as an honorable mention because they would have to switch the name again, which will not happen.  I would be one happy camper if they were the Devil Rays again though. Well, a man can dream can't he?

Any other MLB uniforms you think should be brought back?


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