Kris Bryant Promoted To Iowa: Why The Hell Did The Cubs Promote Him?

Kris Bryant Promoted To Iowa: Why The Hell Did The Cubs Promote Him?

Kris Bryant was promoted to Iowa today, why the hell did the Cubs do this?


Bryant has been absurd for months: he's gotten on base in nearly half his trips to the plate (.458). He's walked 43 times in 68 games. He has 22 home runs in 297 plate appearances. AND eight steals.

You see his BABIP --.440 -- and for any other player you might think, bad luck. But for Kris, it's a sign that, when he puts the bat on the ball and gets it into play, he's slapping it, crushing it, driving it.


Of course, the big question is, where will he play? He hasn't been golden at third base, and Iowa has a 3B. Christian Villanueva is said to have the best hot corner glove in the system, he's shown enough power throughout his MiLB career, and he's about to turn 23 as a AAA player.

Villanueva appeared to turn a corner with the bat around the start of May, hitting .250/.309/.445 over 35 games after May 1. But he's in a major 5-game rut, having gone 0-for-his-last-15 with 7 strikeouts.

Does Villanueva head back to AA? That would be kind of shocking, but is perhaps merited here as he's still just 23, although I think he's pretty much proven himself at that level (he absolutely crushed at Tennessee in the second half of last year). Does Kris Bryant move to the outfield, as many have talked about multiple times?

This seems most likely at this point. Or, perhaps we see lots of movement around the diamond, with Villanueva, Bryant, Arismendy Alcantara, and even Javier Baez seeing time all over the field.

If Bryant struggles at the outset in Iowa, perhaps it will be due to a high K-rate. He's struck out in 26 percent of his AA plate appearances -- not an alarming rate, but certainly an elevated one.

Or maybe he'll just show up and immediately start hitting bombs again. Either way we're officially one step closer to seeing this team's future realized.


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  • fb_avatar

    Kris Bryant is the franchise and will play 3B..... Period

    Throw Villanueva at 1B for some AB's.... Next problem? lol

  • In reply to bocabobby:

    I thought one of the points of the minors is to rotate players among positions. However, 1B appears already blocked. Put someone on 2nd or in the outfield, where the ML team doesn't appear to have any long term players.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to bocabobby:

    He's too big to play third for long. I think they are stubbornly sticking to the plan but eventually he's an outfielder. Alcantara will probably start at 2nd in 2015 with Baez at 3rd. Villanueva is prime trade bait in a multi player deal for for pitching.

  • In reply to TC421:

    That is flat out not true. There have been plenty of tall third baseman, and just because Bryant is 6'5" doesn't make him incapable of playing 3B. That said he is not a good defensive 3B, and will have to work hard to improve on that aspect. It is a worthwhile experiment given his value would be worth a lot more being able to handle the hot corner than a corner OF spot.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Gunther Dabynsky:

    The only real comp to Bryant at his size is Troy Glaus and while Glaus was a good player what you want Bryant for is his bat and the outfield would be perfect for him. Every single scout I've heard talk about him say that he's not a third baseman and the Cubs were the only club among those thinking of drafting him that considered him one. It's not a knock on the guy, he looks to be an elite hitter. Who cares where he plays?

  • In reply to TC421:

    I agree that Bryant might not be a 3B. I agree that if Bryant maxes out his potential he could be a 1B with a ton of value, but I absolutely dispute the notion that Bryant's size prohibits him from being a 3B. As you mentioned Glaus was more than adequate defender at 3B at 6'5" as well. Scott Rolen was 6'4" and was one the best defensive 3B. There have been a number of tall 3B that more then held their own at 3B. Again if the bat is what we hope it is then it doesn't matter where he plays, but I still don't see the reason to give up on him at 3B right now.

  • Bryant might struggle early, but he adjusted to 2A increadably fast. Im betting by August hes close to the Tenn Smokie Kris. The kid is an absolute stud.

  • Why did Bryant go to Iowa now?

    Floods are happening in Iowa, and they are shortage of people to help with the sand bagging.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    So, you are implying that Bryant can't donate his services to fill sand bags?

    The real reason seems to be the one reported with the move, i.e. that the minor league all star games were over.

  • Bryant can stop flooding.

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    And do you know how difficult that is when you walk on water?

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