Jays May Prefer Jason Hammel, Cubs Asking Price Still High

Jays May Prefer Jason Hammel, Cubs Asking Price Still High

There has been some noise lately that the Toronto Blue Jays could be shifting gears.

The Jays may prefer to now talk Jason Hammel with the Cubs rather than Jeff Samardzija. At first blush, I figured this was just posturing by the Jays front office to bring the price down on Samardzija. However, industry people tell me the talk is real.

I still believe the Cubs could get a Samardzija deal done with the Jays.

Yet, if you take into account just how high a return the Cubs are seeking, coupled with doubt the Jays probably harbor in extending Shark, you could see why they may prefer the cheaper option.

That is, if Hammel is that much cheaper.

One NL source I heard from echoes concerns regarding the apparently high asking price for Samardzija. He tells me the industry likely still views Samardzija as a rental (even with control for next year) due to his perceived intent on hitting the free agent market.

What are the Cubs seeking in return for Hammel? How about either of pitchers Aaron Sanchez or Daniel Norris coupled with outfielder Dalton Pompey?

Sounds pricey. It was, however, suspected the Cubs were possibly asking for all 3 prospects in return for Samardzija. There is quite a strong demand for Hammel, so a return of Norris/Pompey may not be out of the question.

But another industry source said he would be shocked to see the Jays part with Norris for anything other than Shark.

The Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo has heard Hammel's value is trending up.

One major league source said, “You could argue that Hammel is the most sought-after player, positional or pitcher, in the trade market right now.”

In a tight AL East race, the team that makes the best move at the deadline may win that thing.

With the Rays likely having zero interest in keeping David Price within the division, the Cubs could hold the key to the AL East crown with two major cards.

Let the bidding continue.


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  • Blue Jays need to make a move the AL East is up for grabs. Go after Samardzija or Hammel. I would like to get Norris and Pompey for Hammel and then try and trade Samardzija to the cardinals or mariners and get near mlb or real high upside talent .

  • Hammel/Barney to Jays for Norris/Pompey. Hell yea! Then trade Shark to Seattle for Walker. Throw in some bats like Valbuena, Ruggiano Lake to get a deal done for him.

    Get the number 1 pick next year and draft Mike Moustakas.

    Our 2016 rotation could be


  • I meant Mike Matuella not Mike Moustakas, whoops

  • In reply to Kicker of Elves:

    No prob. Yet, I don't think Cubs will draft too high again. Maybe top 5?

  • They're in line for the number 3 pick next year right now. I really think the sell off is gonna be bigger this year than previous years. It won't be just a couple pitchers but a lot of bullpen pieces and maybe Darwin, Nate and Luis too. That happens and I can see them locking up that number 1 pick really easily.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Kicker of Elves:

    Yes, it's likely that they move a lot more individual players this time, but ideally it's the 2 big fish (pun sort of intended) and then a bunch of peripheral guys. Move guys who have no real future with the Cubs in order clear room for those who do. You give the new/young guys a couple months this season and into next, then probably start calling up the prospects. All very vague and hypothetical right now, but by the time the dust settles from the deadline, we should have a good idea of where this team stands.

  • Yeah, I have to agree with your assessment. I can't see the price for Hammel being so much lower as to really make it a huge win for the Jays to pick him over Shark. The Cubs realize that whatever they get for Hammel will affect what they get for Shark. I can't imagine they'll blink too much on the price of either one. They need to get great value on Hammel so they can maintain a very high floor of value on a Shark trade.

  • In my perfect world, someone like the Red Sox come out of nowhere to trade for Price which sets off a chain reaction where Toronto trades for Hammel (as suggested above), and the Orioles give up Bundy for Shark. But I'm dreaming (the soon-to-be-over part of life for a Cubs fan).

  • Discussion last night on the radio with some dot com guy was that buying teams are starting to wise up, and since the Feldman trade turned out not to be in Baltimore's interest, buyers aren't going to make the same mistake this time for a one time shot that may or may not work, but doesn't help the organization in the long run.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to jack:

    If the Cubs didnt have Bosio as pitching coach, it may not have worked out for the cubs either. However, Arrieta was not allowed to throw his slider/cutter in Baltimore, IIRC Duquette doesnt allow any pitchers to throw a cutter. The development of that pitch and the development of his control is why he is so successful right now. It would have never worked in Baltimore, smart baseball people understand that. Look at Valbuena...never did anything with Toronto and having his best season yet. Some guys just need a change of scenery...a new voice.

  • fb_avatar

    I think at this point that most of guys talking about the trade front are missing out at what the term "long term asset" means. It does not necessarily mean a high ranked prospect. It might be a locked up player (or first time arb eligible). Just because the Cubs are definitely in selling mode does not mean they are going to push back their window 3 years by grabing a guy in high A that may make it or not.

  • In reply to Richard Hood:

    Maybe not A, but since the Cubs are peddling someone with that degree (1.5 years) of control indicates they won't get a commensurate player back.

  • Price goes to the Dodgers....
    Samardzija goes to Orioles....
    Hammel goes to the Red Sox.....

    and Toronto has to settle for Edwin Jackson

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Nope. As the Alex Rios waiver shows, Toronto is not going to pay for lack of productivity.

    Theo is stuck with that contract.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to jack:

    you mean 2 years $22M? Ejax is historically an average pitcher and that is what average pitchers make. Im not sure why it hasnt worked out for him in Chicago. His numbers are basically the same this year as they were last year.

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