It's OK if the Cubs Win Now

It's OK if the Cubs Win Now

It is OK if the Cubs win now. Really, it is.

The tanking was necessary but it should be a thing of the past. The Cubs now seem to be in the midst of the next phase of the rebuilding program: development and advancement.

Whether it's players like Anthony Rizzo or Starlin Castro rebounding or pitchers such as Jake Arietta and Neil Ramirez emerging, it appears there is some real development happening on the MLB roster.

Couple that development with advancement in the minor leagues, like calling up Kris Bryant to play alongside Javy Baez, the Cubs future is a mere 300 miles away.

Sure, tanking has yielded a potential megastar in Bryant and other potential cornerstones in Albert Almora and Kyle Schwarer. Am I saying the focus should shift to contending immediately? Hell no. I am not taking about winning enough for it to matter for the next couple of seasons.

Yet, it now appears it's safe for the Cubs to move forward. There is some actual, tangible evidence that the Cubs young talent is making real strides. Even team president Theo Epstein seemed to be enjoying the progress at last week's Hot Stove/Cool Music event last week: "I don't know if you've noticed, but we're kicking some ass lately".

For those of you still conditioned by tank mode, don't worry, regardless of some progress in the W/L record, the Cubs will still end up drafting high enough to add an impact player next summer. The eventual trades of Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel that will help ensure that likelihood.

However, the cupboard is not exactly bare anymore either. Come the end of the trade deadline, and certainly by early September, we should see the Cubs import some young players that can fill some of the gaps left by, fingers crossed, the last major summer sell off.

Kyle Hendricks, Arodys Vizcaino, and Arismendy Alcantara should all see Chicago before seasons' end. You may also see some potential MLB-ready players the Cubs receive in the Samardzija/Hammel deals sooner, rather than later.

GM Jed Hoyer has alluded to what we reported earlier in the month: the Cubs are intent on making some moves forward this winter. Epstein also shared some of those feelings with our own Wilco Me That.

"Just by virtue of the inexpensive, young, productive players we have on our roster, we're going to have some payroll flexibility. We don't have too many commitments and a few years down the line, we will have a little more flexibility to where our payroll can grow to," says Epstien.

Growing sounds good.

Tanking, however, should be in the past.

So enjoy a win here and there. It's OK, really.


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    Let's hope this comes to pass. I'll believe it when the team gets to .500, though.

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    YES! A month ago, when I stuck to my prediction of a final record of 80-82, friends and random internet people said I was nuts. Whatever they lose in Hammel or Samardzija will be replaced by Alcantara, Wada, Vizcaino and Kyle "Purple Haze" Hendricks. Just win, baby.

  • .500 Still a long shot, but I like what I'm seeing.

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    I said at the beginning of the year we were looking at about 73 wins. I said that not because I thought we would be good but we would not be horrible. Then the season started and we were horrible.

    Now with some progression from Arietta,Ramirez, Castro, and Rizzo we are actually playing pretty good. The bad part is that we are going to replacing Shark, Hammel, Russell, Wright, Villanueva, Shierholtz, Bonifocio, and probably Barney some time before September first. That is 8 guys off our 40 man that probably will be using change address cards soon. If these kids can take that kind of hit and still be a good ball club I will definitely be surprised.

  • While of course it would have been nice to get another top pick next year-since this season was lost before it started-a higher pick outside the top 5 would possibly allow them to take a gamble on a Jeff Hoffman-type next year.

  • In reply to jorel1114:

    I want bats still. At least that high.

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