Cubs Not Dangling Jake Arrieta or Travis Wood

Cubs Not Dangling Jake Arrieta or Travis Wood

The Cubs are open for business.

Some of their starting pitchers are, of course, being made readily available. However, this is not going to be an everything-must-go type of thing. While I was digging for more info on the rumored Samardzija extension talks, I heard more regarding the overall Cub market.

Contrary to what we heard yesterday in a report, the Cubs are not dangling Jake Arietta in addition to Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel.

The rumor painted a picture that the Cubs were willing to deal any of their starting pitchers, but that is simply not the case from what I was told today. You can pretty much expect Arietta and Travis Wood to stay put for a long time.

This makes too much sense going forward.

The Cubs are not interested in moving backwards anymore without good reason. They will deal Samardzija only if they feel it is the right move, only if they feel they need to cash in on Shark's value now before he bolts. The Cubs' preference all along has been to lock up Samardzija.

Arietta and Wood are key pieces to hold onto, and the Cubs intend on locking Wood up to go along with the control they already have over Arrieta.

Besides, the Cubs would be crazy to a let go of a bulldog lefty like Wood, who also happens to be their best pinch hitter.


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  • On the last point, Travis has a BA of .276, while Barney, Baker, and the outfield are pretty much way below .200. Put him in the #6 spot.

  • fb_avatar

    Actually can see the logic in either approach.

    You have 4 years of control left on Arietta and 3 left on Wood after this year.

    Woods numbers are never in line with his peripherals so you may have seen his career year last year. If you do extend him you have to ask what to look at as the baseline for where you expect him to be.

    Arietta is just now getting ready to enter arbitration and Boras is his agent. That means your chance of an extention or a team friendly deal is probably not going to happen. So for the sake of cost control you have to at least listen to what other teams are saying about him in trade offers. If you get blown away go for it. If not keep working with Boras to try and get a deal done but I do not see that road happenning after Boras ran his mouth off at the Owners meetings in December.

  • In reply to Richard Hood:

    these kids signing with Boras much know they are not coming up till club has them controlled till they are 30... hire someone else and you're much more likely to see the majors before you're 23

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