Rockies Discussing Jeff Samardzija Trade Internally

Rockies Discussing Jeff Samardzija Trade Internally

When it comes to trade rumors we just cant get enough, right?

But when it comes to the Cubs annual talent sell-off, will there maybe come a time when this will actually get kind of old? Hold that thought. At the very least, the Jeff Samardzija market may make some of us a bit weary even before anything is close to being consummated this summer. Here is some news on the Cubs most marketable asset anyway.

There was some suggestive speculation the other day (compliments of the Denver Post) that had Samardzija linked to the Rockies. There may be some actual smoke to that fire, as I was informed that the Rockies are indeed having internal discussions about a run at the Cubs ace.

The Rockies are having a resurgent season thus far, and they may want to pounce on the opportunity to capitalize on Troy Tulowitzki’s MVP-like start. Here is the big thing: the Rockies' ownership is chomping at the bit to win, and they want to win soon. The Rockies GM could be on fragile ground if the team doesn't make the playoffs.

Those are very compelling reasons for why Colorado could be in on what is likely the biggest fish, or "Shark," on the market. See what I did there again? Samardzija has even increased his ground ball ratio of late, (how perfect) something that plays well in the thin Colorado air.

What would it take for the Rockies to pry Samardzija loose, you ask? I checked in with both my and your favorite prospect expert, Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus. Though Parks can foresee a possible match, he doesn’t actaully see why Colorado would bother paying the expected pricey freight.

“I’m sure the Cubs would take one of the big two arms and one of the big three bats in Low-A. But I question the Rockies interest at that price.” Says Parks.

Parks goes on to point out the Rockies could possibly have an internal answer to adding an impact arm instead.

“I'm not sold they would go for Shark when they could just bring up Butler and let him get in the mix. He's going to be very good. I think people are too low on Butler. He's a fantastic arm”, he said.

When Parks mentions the lower-A bats, he specifically means LH outfielders David Dahl and Raimel Tapia, as well as 3B Ryan McMahon, who the Cubs liked in last year’s draft.

The Rockies, however just adore those aforementioned young bats. Another source reminds me the Rockies could also deal a tradeable draft pick in lieu of an additional prospect. The #35 pick, a pick that is worth $1.614 million in draft pool money, the highest tradeable pick available.

Who knows where Shark Fest will lead us this summer? Yet, there may be quite a market out there for his services with they way he is pitching. Other prospective good news for the Cubs front office is Tampa's David Price may not hit that very market like many expected. There are whispers the Rays may get sold, and a prospective buyer may insist Price comes along with the package.

The Cubs still have another year of control with Samarzija. They don’t even have to deal him this summer. Yet, any chance of his being in Chicago come this August would be quite an upset.


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  • I like the idea of adding that 35th pick in a draft this deep in pitching, but I'm not sure the Cubs will want to deal Shark early enough for that to be a possibility.

    Have to disagree with Parks that the Rockies could just throw Butler into the rotation if they're going for it this season. I think the difference between using a AA pitcher and adding Samardzija is more than enough to keep the Rockies from making the playoffs.

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    Yes trading before draft big reach I believe.

  • I think that every team out there knows that in order to give up the giant haul that is expected to land shark they are gonna want to feel like they are filling multiple needs. Along with shark I think sending a guy like schierholtz and a bullpen arm would help get the cubs everything they're looking for. Samardzija, schierholtz and Russell could land the cubs butler , Dahl, pick #35 and a loA lottery ticket arm. That'd be a hell of a return

  • In reply to jshmoran:

    But given the production by the Cubs bullpen so far, why would another team want one of their bullpen arms? Maybe Rondon, based on ERA, but not much else.

  • In reply to jack:

    i agree, but a guy like russell has a good track record and i could see them taking a chance on him turning it around.

  • I'd guess that before the season started the FO planned on trading Shark for minor league pitching that was close to being major league ready. But now I think the Cubs are looking at a longer rebuild than they'd hoped. Their top prospects other than Bryant haven't had a good season so far. With the rebuild stalling on all fronts, I think they'd be willing to trade for younger arms who are further away from MLB. Dumpster cake, Clark the Bear and the worst team in baseball, wahoo!

  • In reply to baseballet:

    Wow chicken little. The only prospect that is really taken a nose dive is Baez and that was always a possibility with him. Not to mention he wasn't even this FO's pick. If 2 of the big 4 make it that's a win.

  • In reply to WickitCub:

    Well I said that their top prospects haven't had a good season, which isn't the same thing as a nosedive. Still their best prospect has indeed taken a nosedive. As for the others: Soler is injured (again); Edwards is injured; and Almora has an OPS of .670.
    I'm not saying any of them will bust, I'm saying their may be longer delays in the rebuilding than the FO had hoped or expected.

  • In reply to baseballet:

    I don't think their time table has changed at all. I don't think the plan was that Baez would be up this year. I also don't think Baez was the top prospect Bryant was mine.

  • There are my thoughts on this Rockies possibility. They have the most to give and maybe the most motivated to go after Samardzija. If the Rockies are willing to trade Butler, the #35 pick, and a lower A bat. I don't see the Cubs saying no. I agree with North side Irish that the internal route is a very risky for the Rockies and they would be smarter to trade for an arm like Samardzija.
    Here is another way to look at it. Let say the Rockies go the internal route and Butler struggles. This could be devastating on both side. Not only would it hurt the in the playoff race but it would hurt Butler's value to other teams. Making a the trade route look like the smarter move.

  • In reply to WickitCub:

    I totally agree. I think Shark could be very dangerous on Rox. They need to make a move like this IMO.

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    Not to mention can you imagine Samardzija's drive on a contender.

  • If the Cubs have a plan of going underslot with the #4 pick, which I don't believe to be a bad idea, then an early trade with Colorado seems pretty feasible with the CB pick. They can go with Hoffman/Nola/Beede at #4 and also get high quality at 35 and round 2. With the depth of pitching in this years draft and the clubs need for pitching in the organization, this makes a lot of sense.

    It may, however, not be a Shark deal though. Hammel for the CB pick and a low A lottery ticket makes some sense as well.

  • Breaking news. Theo Epstein is now saying he was wildly misquoted when he reportedly said several years ago that "Every season is sacred." Epstein clarified that he had been talking specifically about the Cubs and had actually said "Every season will be a sack of red."

  • In reply to SkitSketchJeff:

    Which turned out to be the topic of the first segment of Bruce Levine's show. After Ed Sherman plugged his book on the "called shot," and having dinner with the Ruths, the topic went to "The Cubs and Sox are both rebuilding, but which is doing it the correct way," with the first caller saying "The Cubs are engaged in a con, especially when they have the third highest ticket prices."

    So, no matter that Gertrude wants to censor the Internet by bullying people, the question is not going away.

    However, this season seems more like a sack of blue and gold.

  • In reply to jack:

    Until one of the teams wins the World Series you can't say who is doing the rebuild right.

    I can't believe there was a caller on The Score ripping the Cubs. Did you alert the media?

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