Forget Jeff Samardzija: Chicago Cubs Have the Best Rotation in the NL

Forget Jeff Samardzija: Chicago Cubs Have the Best Rotation in the NL
E-Jax represents 1/5 of the best rotation in the NL.

Obviously Jeff is part of it but, DID YOU KNOW?

Only two teams have at least 5 wins above replacement from their starting pitchers: the Detroit Tigers (6) and Chicago Cubs (5.4).

Cubs starting pitchers have the highest combined fWAR in the National League!

Only the Tigers are better!

Yes, Jeff Samardzija's winless dominance has a lot to do with it (1.5 fWAR). But Edwin Jackson (?!?!?) and Jason Hammel have each been worth an extra win, and Travis Wood is at 0.8 WAR.

Jeff, Edwin, Jason, and Travis are 7th, 10th, 12th, and 21st among NL pitchers in fWAR.

So there you go.


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  • Definitely encouraging but I don't believe it will continue. Fangraphs projects all four of the referenced pitchers to post a FIP from today's date through the rest of the season of at least 1/2 run higher than they've posted to date. Of course fangraphs projections can be wrong but that tells me they don't believe the Cubs have the best rotation in the NL?

  • In reply to Darth Stout:

    Yeah it probably would have been way better to say "have had the best rotation so far." But oh well whatever it's just the internet.

  • the summer winds in chicago wont help the staff in the coming months.

  • I'm so sick of the Cubs trading away their best players. The Cubs need to sign Samardzija. If we sign one more player from the hospital ward and put them out there, I'll gag some more. Had we just spent something decent this past off season to bring in a couple of above average players, we could have been playing close to .500 ball this year while we develop the young guys for next year with a winning season.

  • Whatever statistical edge Jackson had was lost Friday night.

    One can't count on a pitcher that may be o.k. on average, when the bad is abysmal.

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