Chicago Cubs Quick Stats: Junior Lake, Starlin Castro, Luis Valbuena, Mike Olt

Chicago Cubs Quick Stats: Junior Lake, Starlin Castro, Luis Valbuena, Mike Olt

Got a minute here during this Memorial Day weekend so I thought I'd check on some guys.

- Mike Olt's OPS in May is .787, up from .619 in April. He's also showing a very significant L/R split: .982 against lefties (.657 SLG!!), and just .551 against righties. You might think his BABIP (.167) is fluky, but it's actually gotten worse as the season has gone on.

I've thought all along that a .200 avg, .300 obp was a reasonable expectation for him this year, and I still think he probably ends up in that range. Question is: how many home runs do you get with that?

- Olt and Junior Lake are often mentioned in tandem when you talk about putting young guys in positions to succeed. But while Mike is showing a wide OPS split against lefties and righties, you're not really seeing that in Lake's line so far this year. Lake has also slowed his K pace in the past week, with just 5 in his last 32 PA as of this Sunday morning (.908 OPS over that stretch).

The conversation about Lake has always been: super talent, super raw, and you've had to wonder if the rawness would prevent him from being successful in MLB. Well, as of Sunday morning, he's a career .280/.320/.441 hitter (399 PA), and an asset on defense.

If coaching can smooth his game out even further, he could truly be an asset for this team, and help solve what I think is the organization's biggest flaw (outfield).

- Speaking of assets, Luis Valbuena is now hitting .265/.386/.453 on the season, and is up with Rizzo and Castro at the slightly-greater-than-1-fWAR mark. Valbuena does not reach free agency until 2017.

- One more bonus bullet: Starlin Castro was 1-for-21 in his last five games, after having gone 9-for-19 in the five prior. Streaky!


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