Will Cubs Jump the Shark (Market) on Jeff Samardzija Deal?

Will Cubs Jump the Shark (Market) on Jeff Samardzija Deal?

Hair today, gone tomorrow. You may want to take in some of that Jeff Samardzija action against the Cardinals tonight because his remaining time in a Cubs uniform could be shorter than his infamous locks.

WSCR's Bruce Levine has recently, and often, speculated the Cubs may look to deal their current ace sooner rather than later, even as early as May.

Samardzija's remaining days in Chicago may be short, but maybe not that short.

The two sides have negotiated for quite some time without any foreseeable resolution; a trade appears to be the only likelihood at this point. Yet, from industry people I've talked to, don't look for a super-early deal. Any player swap of this magnitude going down anytime before late June would be rare, as this front office wouldn't want to limit themselves to a one-team market.

I could still see the Cubs jumping the market a bit though, say, late June-ish? Yet, mid-to-late July is still more likely.

That is, unless a team gets antsy and decides to overpay. Enter Toronto. The Jays have been hot on Samardzija's heels since last summer. I was told today Toronto realizes they would have to mortgage quite a bit of their future to get it done anytime soon though. Due to those circumstances, they would want to talk extension first with Shark's camp.

Keep an eye on the Mariners too, by the way.

Meanwhile, Levine says the gulf between The Cubs and Samardzija is as much as $25-30 million. With the recent apparent resurgence of young players like Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro, the idea of soon adding Javier Baez to the picture creates some immediate optimism on the North Side.

Keeping Samardzija and continuing that momentum is an attractive thought. But while that's something the Cubs front office appreciates, they also view the pitcher for what they see, both now and in projections. They see a 2/3 type going forward while Shark's camp may see his current and future value a bit higher.

Meanwhile, Samardzija hasn't done anything in his first two starts to hurt his value or contract status.

Here's to keeping that momentum going as well.


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  • The stuff I heard (thru indirect sources of course) is similar to you that the value goes up nearer the deadline, as teams get more desperate. However, Delilah may cut off his mullet and sap him of his strength.*

    But apparently Cubs management is also on the track to deal middle infield for more potential Kane County Cougars or Daytona Cubs.

    *Apparently "being hirsute" as Steve Stone put it at the last exhibition game, is a necessary qualification to being a Cub pitcher.

  • Thanks Jack. I would think the IF (surplus) would be a place they could deal from right now.

  • Look I realize baseball is a business, and players deserved to get paid and all that stuff. I'm not a commie, I believe in capitalism. But Jeff Samardzija really pisses me off. The fact that they are $25-30 mill apart is absurd for a guy who has been consistently inconsistent for basically all his time with the Cubs. He has yet to put together one great season, or even really one solid season.

  • In reply to Mikethoms:

    He figures he'll get it in free agency in another year and a half. And if he doesn't cash in then, that's his risk.

    If the Cubs are paying $5 mil a year for journeymen pitchers, and paid what they did for Edwin Jackson (4 years, $52 million, or a ridiculous $13 million/year), who was just a journeyman, why not? That even makes Adam Dunn getting comparable money look good.

  • In reply to Mikethoms:

    I hear you, but the market is the market. He will likely get what he is looking for. Hope he proves it this year. Only will up the ante.

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