Radio Skilled's the Cubs Blog Star: Evan Goes Multimedia

Radio Skilled's the Cubs Blog Star: Evan Goes Multimedia
Kent Sterling admits to being a little excitable; I did my best to keep his head from exploding.

My Friday afternoon had started innocently enough, if perhaps a little disappointing.  After last Friday's #MLBFF Twitter-view with @JessicaFastball, I was all primed for a follow-up. But, as is often the case, real life interfered. Speaking of, I hope everything got ironed out, Jessica.

Of course, my disappointment in that loss was offset by the cancellation of my daughter's softball practice, which meant that I'd be able to watch the final few innings of the Cubs' home opener. Yeah, about that disappointment thing. I had already written about my relative disinterest in these early-season games, but that doesn't mean the losses are any easier to take.

So it was that I was perusing social media, commiserating with like minded tortured souls, when I happened upon the following:

In my fragile state, I was in no mood to deal with satire or sarcasm, so I sent out an incredibly measured response. No, really, it was:

See, I told you. Of course, I also retweeted it, which, thanks to my small-but-slowly-growing following meant that Kent's piece reached some folks who were, well, less than kind. Suffice to say, "troll" was pretty much a euphemism in these conversations. If you're counting, that was 5 commas in that last sentence. I like commas. Wait, where was I? Yes, yes, the fallout from my RT.

So a lot of folks were really giving it to Kent, but he was coming back, which is a pretty rare thing these days. I mean, Mike North will sometimes get into it with tweeps, but there's this schoolyard juvenility (pretty sure I just made that word up) to North's tweets that kinda undermine his credibility. I'm just gonna stop now on that one.

But as the night wore on and the issue continued to simmer, I directed Kent to the sterling (see what I did there?) post from Brett Taylor regarding the Cubs financial situation. I've linked to it before and will continue to do so, as I believe this to be the preeminent treatise on the topic. Seriously, Brett, you outdid yourself on this one. I mean, I'm a wordy sumbitch, and this makes me look like the guy using 13-point font and 2.5 spacing in order to meet the page total requirement for a term paper.

Okay, enough of the stroke-fest of other bloggers. Let's get the attention back where it belongs: on me. Riiiight. Anyway, I kept thinking and tweeting, tweeting and thinking. And I realized that Kent was just expressing his brand of humor and I had probably jumped the gun in fanning any flames; at least a little. I mean, I'm the guy who devoted an entire post to reader comments that blasted me. And then, not long after I made that recommendation about the BN piece, I see this pop up:

What the what? Now I really did think he was trolling me a little. But I've always been told that I've got a voice for radio (not to mention a face for television; #amiright?), so I figured: sure, what the hell. I've listened to Ahead of the Curve, the show Kent does with co-host Chris Hagan (@chrishaganfox59), in the past, even called in once. My son was actually in the car with me at the time (see tweet) and thought I was famous when he heard the final strains of my call as I turned the radio back on.

So I got locked into the 12:45 slot, right after ESPN Colts beat writer Mike Wells, who was preceded by former Colts coach Rick Venturi and former IU basketball player and coach, and current ESPN college basketball commentator, Dan Dakich. As far as opening acts go, I could have done worse.

So there I was with my 5-year-old son once more in the backseat, parked outside the house in which one of his classmates was about to have a birthday party, waiting on a call from the show's producer. I haven't even listened to the audio yet (despite the possession of golden pipes, I can't stand hearing myself on a recording), so I'm not sure if it's on there, but during an answer to one of the early questions, my phone cut out.

Here I am, sitting in my car, pontificating and gesticulating, when it starts buzzing. I realized that it was the producer and that he was calling me back to resume; I blame iOS7. In any case, I was able to complete the segment, during which I accused Tom Ricketts of being both a duplicitous turd polisher and a eunuch. Yeah, I was in rare form.

Well, why don't you just listen for youself:

(The media player is Flash, so if you're having trouble, you can get the audio here)

I'm really just honored to have been given the opportunity to have my voice heard through this little Cubs blog and other outlets. There are lots of opinions out there and I'm blessed to have a forum from which to share mine. A big thank you again to Kent Sterling and Chris Hagan for sharing their airtime with me as well.

And in the event that you'd like to hear more from me (because of course you do!), I'll be appearing on The Lineup on Radio DePaul with Eli Hershkovich (a Sox fan but a good guy nonetheless) on Thursday, 4/10, at about 4:30pm EST/3:30 CST. I'll also be appearing in studio with Jake Query and Derek Shultz on 1260AM next Friday, 4/18, starting around 4:30pm EST/3:30 CST.

Follow me on Twitter: @DEvanAltman

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    So, I suppose the the title could come off as me saying I'm THE star of this blog, or A star in general in the blogging world. Just to make sure, it was simply a play on the Buggles song.

  • It took me more time than it was worth to go through this, but someone should tell Sterling to find $2.3 billion. or he will be as underwater as Ricketts is now. He'll probably have to go to a recycling transfer station to find that much.

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    Well, I couldn't have taken too much time, since you did still have enough to comment. But yeah, even $1.2B isn't getting you right at this point.

  • "Juvenility" has been around since circa 1623.

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    In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Yeah, well, I didn't have my OED handy at the time.

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