Not Feeling Gray: An Unsolicited Critique of the Cubs New Road Jerseys

Not Feeling Gray: An Unsolicited Critique of the Cubs New Road Jerseys

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know well by now I wasn't entirely thrilled about the new Cubs alternate road uniform. I'm sure many of you couldn't give a rat's ass, but I'm going to delve further into it anyway.

First, I must mention that as the day went on, the new unis grew on me a bit. A bit.

I heard from a lot of you on Twitter that agreed with me. I also got some "Don't really care about uniforms as long as they win." I, however, am big on uniforms. Men in general are visually stimulated creatures.

The idea that the Cubs wanted to unveil a new alternate jersey is, in concept, a good idea. I just think this addition was kind of pointless.

There isn't a big departure here from the regular road grays, and, if anything, they hearken back to the mid-90s awful additions that Chuck McElroy wore rather than the 1922 editions that were supposedly the inspiration.


When I originally heard the Cubs were thinking about going with some different road unis, my thoughts went back to the late 60s for inspiration.

Lately I have been in favor of going with less red in the uniform, especially when it comes to the letters and numbering. The Dodgers have gone this route recently.


If I had to pick apart this particular uniform I would say I do not like all the white. When it comes to the block letters, they seem to be a bit far apart; lastly, the numbers on the front appear to be too small.

Otherwise, they are not all that terrible. Probably much like the 2014 MLB team wearing them.

The Cubs still have some time to get their wardrobe to coincide with the better-looking ballclub in a year or two. I guarantee the Cubs new road jerseys will look a lot better when the likes of Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, and Co. are rocking them though.

Maybe something more like this?



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  • As Brickhouse used to say, "Sure coulda been worse!"

  • At least Boston's have the weird serifs.

    Maybe they should be like the Bulls and have an El Cubs uniform, and then sell naming right to the bankrupt CTA.

    It also appears that "Chicago" is more traditional for away unis, although not necessarily for the Cubs.

  • In reply to jack:

    I love Boston's.

  • At least they should scrap the other road unit since there isn't a big difference.

  • new jerseys always = money grab.. most likely we will have new road jerseys next year also

  • fb_avatar

    The Cubs have 2 road uniforms, the one they wore in Game 1 and the usual one with "Chicago" across the front. The Blue top, thankfully -- has been scrapped.

    The late 60's road uni with the red piping around "Chicago" may be the finest road road uniform in the team's history.

    The Red Sox have changed their road uni to reflect the home uni. Same font, but it's back to red, same with the # and the player's name.

  • In reply to Mark Z:

    Yes you are correct. True on Dodgers front number, yet names and numbering on front is all blue.

  • In reply to Mark Z:

    Totally agree with you on your fav jersey.

  • fb_avatar

    Also, the Dodgers uni number on the front of the jersey is RED.

  • In reply to Mark Z:


  • Why the generic font? My objection to the new uniforms is the same as my objection to Clark the Cub. It's not the change that bothers me as much as the apparently minimal amount of effort that went into the execution.

  • In reply to Barry Clifton:

    Well put.

  • I'm with ya on the new unis. I'm just not adjusting well to them with time though. Now, if we could take that #26 and put Billy back into it, maybe we might have something to enjoy.

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