My Top 20 Wrigley Field Moments

With Wrigley Field's 100th birthday upon us, I wanted to take a look back the 20 most memorable games that I have attended.

My favorite memory is my first. I will never forget that May day of 1982 when my uncle took me to Wrigley for the first time with my cousins and I walked up the steps down the third-base side, catching my first glimpse of the glorious green ivy. I finally got to see Bill Buckner in person and I was starting to really dig the rookie 3B by the name of Sandberg.

I was also fortunate to witness the Cubs take it to the great Nolan Ryan on that beautiful spring day.

Of course postseason games also litter my list. Even though this is the Cubs we are talking about, I have been to quite a few. I left off a few of those games with good reason.

1984, 1998, and 2003 overall were my favorite Cubs seasons to attend, but there are some other memories that stand out on their own, such as skipping school for Harry Caray's return in 1987.

The 1985 home opener also ranks up there; for the first time I actually had some high expectations going into a season. That excitement was also fueled by the debut of a rookie shortstop sensation named Shawon Dunston.

Hopefully I didn't leave off anything too important; let me know what you think of my list and if we share any of these games.


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  • Hah, I was at that same 2003 NLDS game. That's easily my favorite moment at Wrigley. Went with my mom and dad, we huddled under a tarp at the far back of the rightfield bleachers during the rain before the game started.

    I remember looking at Maddux throwing in the outfield and in the bullpen. It was weird to be so intimidated by a guy who was as physically unimposing as Maddux was, but there was something about him just walking around, getting ready to go, that was terrifying.

    Both pitchers were great that night. The air was electric, everybody was on their feet for much of the last few innings. Everything felt extremely important (because it was). Can't wait for baseball at Wrigley to feel like that again

  • In reply to Tommy Cook:

    No question, remember the early rain and no one caring. It turned out to be nice night after all. Yes, Maddux was quite a demon for the young Prior to slay. Prior showed zero fear.

  • I was there for Aramis Ramirez's 300th career homer off of Edwin Jackson I believe, to bad it was ruined by a drunk sox fan who how just horrific to sit by and the Cubs lost. Was supposed to go to Maddux's 3000K game but the rain prevented that. Easily my favorite moment at Wrigley was Aramis Ramirez walk off home run against the White Sox in 2008 in the bleachers. Hugging strangers and getting a beer shower was pretty damn awesome.

  • In reply to Kenny Dziukala:

    not "how".....was*

  • fb_avatar

    Really enjoyed this post, wanted to share my most memorable game. Astros 9 Cubs 7 in 15 innings on July, 14 1997.

    I was 16 and a friend and convinced our parents to let us drive two hours by ourselves to go to a game. First time I sat in the bleachers, we got there when the gates opened and my friend and I each got a BP home run ball.
    I remember Brad Ausmus hit a grand slam that landed not far from us, and we stayed the whole game which meant getting home at 2:30 in the morning. Even though the Cubs lost, still might be the most fun I've had at a game.
    The other thing I remember is they had to stop using the PA and organ after 10:00 pm but Harry's voice came booming through the PA in the middle of the 14th to lead us through another rendition of Take Me Out To The Ballgame. Just a great night, pretty sure I have the scorecard in a box somewhere.

  • In reply to Keith Moritz:

    Thank you Keith!

  • Loved the post. Great memories. I'm a lot older, so one of my favorites includes Opening Day, 1969. Willie Smith's homer. Unfortunately, several of my most memorable moments are not positive. I would have to include Opening Day, 2014, as one of the most miserably memorable!

  • In reply to Floyd Sullivan:

    Thank you Floyd. I have always heard and read about the magic of the '69 opener. Willie Smith eh?

  • It was '51 Johnny sain for the Braves.Hank Sauer broke 2 windows on Waveland.. Both on the bounce. # 2 was sitting with the bleracher bums asnnd the nerdy kid who asked the [rice of something on every pitch, but never placed a bet. There was a gale coming over the left field wall and Banks was up. One of the bnookies yells 50-1 on a homer. The kids says $2, and out goes the next pitch going up as it cleared the stands.

  • Wow, so many memories.

    First game was in May 1971 and there's always something about that first time you walk up the steps and see the field, scoreboard, everything. Can't remember who it was against, don't have the scorecard. Doesn't matter

    May 17, 1979, the 23-22 game against the Phillies. Went without my parents as it was a Downers Grove Youth Baseball league outing. We had to leave after the 9th inning because the parents were going to be all picking us up from the buses, so got home with PLENTY of time to watch the rest of the game.

    Was there for the almost perfect Milt Pappas game with my Dad. Walk to Larry Stahl. Stayed for the on-field press/interview by Jack Brickhouse after the game, I was in awe.

    Got to see Hank Aaron's 690 and 691st HRs at Wrigley in June of 1973. Damned if I can't find the programs from that. Went with my Dad and Grandfather (who bought the tickets at the beginning of the season after looking at the schedule and doing some math thinking he'd be near 700 by then!!!)

    Then, June of 2009 when I brought my then, 2 1/2 year old to his first game. He was asleep by the 6th inning (late start on a Saturday). But I get him out for at least 1 game a year and have a picture on my desk of he and I and "my" beer man, Les (works upper deck box usually)

    Always going to be great and fun. Even during the '89, '98, '03 and '07 playoffs. Was there for the collapse in Game 6 of '03 and the next night for the Kerry Wood HR (and Sammy HR) in the Game 7 loss.

    Just wish they'd get better soon. SO glad to see the minors having early success, I'm hopeful for the near future.

  • In reply to Duey23:

    Damn good memories there. Hank Aaron, pretty cool.

  • fb_avatar

    I remember seeing Maddux pitch against the Cubs for the Braves in the first game of a DH, shutting them down completely in about 2 hours. It was a gloomy day and I spend a bunch of my money on a jersey; I was deciding between my aging favorite player (Ryno) and the up-and-coming superstar (Sosa). Glad I decided on the Sandberg.

    Then being there for Ryno's jersey retirement was awesome, having the crowd chant Santo's name when the HOF rep was out there. Watching Sarge, Bobby D, and Hawk raise #23 up the LF foul pole was terrific.

    Taking my daughter to her first game was a great experience as well. Living a couple hours away with parents who worked quite a bit made it really difficult for us to get up there too often, but man I've got some great memories of watching so many of these games at home with family and friends too.

  • Also I think Tommy and I along with our grandma saw Mark Grace's last game at Wrigley as a Cub. I just looked it up and it was against the Phiilies and that is what I always thought. September 28, 2000.

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