Former Cub Chris Archer (remember him?) Extended: Did Cubs Make Up For Garza Deal?

Former Cub Chris Archer (remember him?) Extended: Did Cubs Make Up For Garza Deal?

Gonna try to make this my shortest blog post ever at Cubs Insider

Shunning punctuation for sake of brevity it being a workday and all

Here are the Garza trades pasted direct from bref

Cubs still have Rosscup from first deal plus of course had Garza pitching for them for 2.5 years

Rays have since let Fuld walk, Chirinos (~.500 OPS in MLB) sent to TEX for PTBNL, Guyer a bench OF, Archer looks like a real SP, Lee possibly a real guy at SS we'll have to see


Lee Archer Chirinos Guyer and 2.5 years of Fuld


Edwards Grimm Ramirez Rosscup Olt and 2.5 years of Garza

I mean...


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  • I think at the end of the day the Cubs will make out fine with the Texas deal. It really depends on Edwards.

  • Interesting backstory on the Archer trade. The Rays wanted either McNutt or Archer, one of the two, Cubs' choice. Their numbers and profiles were virtually identical. Cubs decided to keep McNutt and let Archer go. So it wasn't a matter of that genius Andrew Friedman out-scouting us and picking our pockets. It was our choice, and it was a virtual coin-flip. McNutt hurt his arm and Archer didn't. The rest, as they say, is history.

  • In reply to TheThinBlueLine:

    Interesting story, TTBL. I also think coaching is part of it. Even if the Cubs had kept Archer, I think the Rays had proven themselves to have a superior system of minor league instruction, getting more out of their young talent than the Cubs did while Hendry was around. It's hard to know what Archer would have done as a Cub prospect.

  • From what I remember the Rangers were in the hunt for Garza at that time too. The Cubs could have gone for a 3 way trade. I believe the Rangers offered Hollands to the Rays.

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