Cubs Weekly Rap: The Good/Bad in The Week of Cubs

Cubs Weekly Rap: The Good/Bad in The Week of Cubs

Introducing the “Cubs Weekly Rap," taking a look back at the week that was Cubs, the Good, Bad, and otherwise.

We go old school to find this week’s theme: “Walk This Way”, an homage to the Cubs drawing 7 walks Sunday.

Bad: Opposing Left-handed hitting second baseman

Both Neil Walker and Chase Utley simply wore out Cubs pitching this week. New age Cub-killer Walker ended the season opener with an extra inning walk-off, while Utley simply put on a clinic (7-9 2 HRs) during the first home series.

Bad: Jeff Samardzija run support

Kind of Bad: New road uniforms.

I have already covered this ground quite a bit this week. Others had chimed in as well.

It turns out they have kind of grown on me. I just hope they scrap the other road greys since it doesn't make much sense to keep both in the rotation. Yet, I’m not so sure Junior Lake is totally on board with that.


Bad: Extra, Extra Innings

Yeah, I missed baseball. However, the first 2 games going extras and game 2 lasting almost 6 hours was kinda testing my affinity.

Good: Bonifaciomainia!

All the Cubs lead off man, Emilio Bonifacio, did was collect an MLB-leading 14 hits and 4 stolen bases during Opening Week. Bonifacio provided the Cubs offense with one of its only sparks, setting an MLB record with nine hits in his first two games.

Bad/Good: Starlin Castro

Castro started the season off like a player who didn’t have much of a spring training. However, Castro is starting to show signs of his old self. "I was swingin like I didn't care"

He actually appears a bit more patient in looking for a pitch he can do something with. Mama likes.

Good/Bad: Jason Hammell

The Cubs number three starter puts in a stellar performance. Naturally, everyone rejoices over his trade value increase. World we live in.

Good: Young bullpen guns

If there is truly a bright spot to be excited about, it is the young arms in the bullpen. Justin Grimm, Hector Rondon, and Pedro Strop, even Brian Schlitter, have all shown us a little something. This could actually be a position of strength. Now about that closer…

Bad/Good: Anthony Rizzo

He didn’t exactly come out swinging, (well he actually did but missed a lot) yet the Cubs first baseman made some nice adjustments and has used the whole field of late. The results have looked pretty good for having a rough first day:

Good: Ryan Kalish

I told you. This kid is going to be a spark plug and will be taking at bats away from someone.

Real Bad: Jose Veras

Real Good: Patience everyone

Cubs fans have been asked for a lot of patience of late. Can we in turn ask the same of the team? Please let Sunday’s game be an indication of what is to come. 7 walks in the Phillies series finale game led playing to a season high 8 run outburst. Coincidence? I think not.

Good/Bad/Weird: The return of Ryno

The anniversary of Ryne Sandberg’s Cubs debut was just the other day. Just in time for the Cubs hero to return to Chicago as the Phillies Manager. Sandberg got welcomed to a locked Wrigley Field, hung out at the Captain Morgan Club (actually just passed through) and somehow managed to get himself roundly cheered for and booed in the same game.

Oh, and Tom Ricketts is looking to sell some partnerships.

Ho, hum.


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  • Is it patience, or just that A.J. Burnett started that bad?

  • In reply to jack:

    We will take what we can get.

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    At least the Cubs got the couple of sac flies in the 1st.

    And Villanueva got his mustache working.

  • In reply to jack:

    He was solid.

  • fb_avatar

    And here I thought the theme was a nod to Veras's eventful 2 innings. Dude could've walked out looking like a lady and wearing Adidas shoes with no laces and not had less control.

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