Cubs Minor League Team Assignments: Whither Brett Jackson, Ben Wells?

Cubs Minor League Team Assignments:  Whither Brett Jackson, Ben Wells?

The Smokies have their tentative Opening Day roster online this morning so I wanted to react quickly in terms of the Cubs minor league assignments.

I do see 3 of 5 Fine Young Pitching Animals in Tennessee:  CJ Edwards, Corey Black, and Ivan Pineyro. But where some said we would see Pierce Johnson and Ben Wells listed as the 4th and 5th members of that lovely, lovely rotation, the Smokies currently have Loosen and Rhee down for two roster spots.

The weird thing is, I don't see Johnson or Wells on Daytona's tentative roster, either. I'm going to assume the front office is still deciding where to put each guy. YOU could assume that the two are both headed for AAA but that doesn't seem right to me. I'll admit though, I am confused. I'm sure there's some obvious answer to this question and I'm an idiot.

Update: There is an obvious answer. On Twitter, @Crewsett tells me Pierce Johnson is working through some leg tightness and will start the year in extended Spring Training. No answer on Wells, though.

On the hitting side, it looks like I was about half right regarding the Smokies lineup. I had Geiger, Bryant, Andreoli and DeVoss penciled in for 4 of 8 spots.

I didn't think Jorge Soler or Stephen Bruno would be pushed to AA given their recent injuries, but both are slated for the Smokies 2014 lineup to start the year. I assume Soler will be in right and Bruno at 2B. And then there were no obvious answers for me at C or SS for the Smokies, but it looks like Rafael Lopez and Wes Darvill will get plenty of looks there.

I also thought Brett Jackson might go back to AA given how poorly he hit there last year, but it looks like the team is challenging him to perform at AAA instead.

So here's what you're looking at for the Smokies:

Rotation: Edwards, Black, Pineyro, Loosen, Rhee


  • Andreoli - 7
  • Bruno - 4
  • Bryant - 5
  • Soler - 9
  • Geiger - 3
  • Silva - 10
  • Darvill - 6
  • Lopez - 2
  • DeVoss - 8

And in Daytona:

Rotation: Cates, Kirk, Peralta, Reed, Wang, Zastryzny?


  • Chen - 9
  • Amaya - 4
  • Almora - 8
  • Candelario - 5
  • Vogelbach - 3
  • Shoulders - 10
  • Hernandez - 6
  • Doesntmatter - 2
  • Rademacher - 7

But all this will be wrong in a month because where are Johnson and Wells going?


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  • Tenesse will boast Bryant and Soler, possibly Almora in same line up this summer. That could be a fun watch.

  • It wouldn't surprise me to see Almora in TN by the first week in June. Having Bruno in the Smokies batting order is also awesome- he must have shown quite a bit in work-outs to merit the promotion to AA given his return from injury.

    And what if Pierce joins the rotation at TN and Zastrysny gets the call-up to TN in July? Word has it that Zas has the ability to pitch right now in the majors. That rotation would be absolutely sick.

  • In reply to Paulson:

    Yeah, Almora is going to move fast.

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