Catching Up With WXRT's Lin Brehmer

Catching Up With WXRT's Lin Brehmer

He’s your best friend in the whole world. He’s every man. He’s a baseball nut.

As WXRT’s morning DJ, Lin Brehmer has been entertaining Chicago for more than two decades, both with the best rock music of any radio station in the city and the wit and wisdom that is uniquely Lin.

In this "Catching Up With" column premier, @LinBrehmer  sprays to all fields on baseball, from Pete Rose, to the instant replay and designated hitter rules, to his top five baseball songs and even his prediction on when and exactly how the Cubs will win the World Series.

Take a minute to get to know Lin and then tune in to @93XRT every Monday through Friday, 5:30-10:00 a.m., to see why Lin Brehmer really is your best friend in the whole world.

What is your fondest memory of Wrigley Field?
HawkAndre Dawson's last home game of 1987. I was in the bleachers. Dawson hit his 49th home run and when he ran out to take his place in right field, the normally reserved outfielder turned to the bleachers and began bowing down to them. Not a dry eye in the house.

Does Pete Rose belong in the Hall of Fame?
I hate Pete Rose. Everything about him. His numbers say yes. Life isn't all about numbers. And neither, apparently, is the Hall of Fame.

What’s your out pitch?
Chest-high 4-seam fastball. Swing and a miss.

Do chicks really dig the long ball?
I do not believe in stereotyping half of humanity. Everybody digs the long ball.

Should the National League adopt the designated hitter rule?
Never. And the American League should start playing baseball and eliminate it.

An Iowa corn farmer shows up at your home to kidnap you. Where is he taking you and why?
The original Yankee stadium so I can come to terms with giving up my childhood attachment to the New York Yankees to root hopelessly for the Chicago Cubs.

AlouYou get the chance to play on any team at any time, which team is it, and what’s your position.
2003 Chicago Cubs. Left field. Things would have been different.

Which is a bigger bruise on the game: the steroid era, the mullet era or YMCA during pitching changes?
Easiest question you've asked. YMCA during pitching changes. Bon Jovi at any time. And I still believe steroids should be illegal except for members of the Chicago Cubs. Let's level the playing field.

Do you believe in the instant replay rule?
In principle I do. In practice the instant replay has managed to make a game that is too long, longer.

What is your quintessential baseball film?
I still love Bull Durham.

Del AmitriDel Amitri: What happened?
Only one radio station in America gave them any love. I think you know which one.

During your show, how often do you step away from the mic, take a breath, scratch and spit?
Never. It is difficult to convey the intensity and precision of my 4 and a half hours on the air. A fresh cup of coffee and a croissant is another story.

Can’t resist. I know you’re asked this all the time, but what are your top 5 baseball songs, in no particular order?
Claire Hamill - Baseball Blues
The Baseball Project - They Played Baseball
Jeff Boyle - Cubs Win
Steve Goodman - A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request
Randy Newman - Wrigley Field

Tom Ricketts gives you one modification to Wrigley Field. What is it?
Set up a dozen kiosks where Chicago chefs could represent. And I'd talk him out of the giant scoreboard.

RizzoYou look into your crystal ball to see the Cubs winning the World Series. Tell us about the final play.
2017. Game 7 at Wrigley. Cubs up 6- 5. Top of 9. Yanks have loaded the bases. Two outs. Closer Ryan Schlitter goes into the wind-up. Gardner hits a rocket shot down the first baseline. Rizzo leaps. Snares it backhanded. Cubs win. Cubs win. Cubs win.

Are you really my best friend in the whole world?
Is there anyone else?


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