Starlin Castro Is Buying In

Starlin Castro Is Buying In

Starlin Castro is showing some signs.

Yesterday, according to his skipper, he started to look like he is ready for the season. Last night, we also came across some information via David Kaplan that Castro is even willing to move positions in the case the Cubs see Javy Baez as their future shortstop.

To me, that is a sure sign of maturity from the two-time All Star. No one truly knows if Castro would even have to consider moving, yet you would expect it is a sentiment his team and management surely appreciate.

Speaking of his manager, Rick Renteria, it seems Castro has developed a little bit of a bond with him.

This may be exactly what the Cubs had in mind when they brought in a strong communicator like Renteria. It is no secret that Castro and former manager Dale Sveum had some issues, mostly of the communicational variety.

I'm being told that Castro loves what he has heard from Renteria thus far.
That goes for more than the young shortstop too; people around camp say players are responding to the first-year boss.

Patrick Mooney had some nice quotes from both parties.

“He already looks more comfortable, more open. You know Starlin will be Starlin. He’s been good his whole career. He had a tough year last year, but that’s stuff you got to learn from.

“What I like the most is he looks comfortable. He looks confident. That’s what you got to have (for) all your ability to come out", Renteria said.

“It’s one of those things where you don’t stop teaching at the major-league level,” Renteria said. “I just happen to be the new guy on the block here right now. Anything that needs to be done or addressed or worked on is just going to be the beginning. We’ll address whatever needs need to be dealt with as the season progresses. And if that has to do with approaches or whatever, we’ll deal with them.”

“We got a good relationship,” Castro said. “We talk to each other like people (who go back) a long time. He’s a very good guy. The only thing he tries to (emphasize) is everybody’s going to be together. Everybody can pick your teammates up. You do something, you got guys back there that pick you up.”

Sounds as if Castro is buying in, and he may in turn secure a future with the Cubs.


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  • Sure hope so. The little bit of Castro I've been able to watch on ST broadcasts looks more like the Castro of two and three years ago than the Castro of last year.

  • In reply to Floyd Sullivan:

    That would be outstanding Floyd. We all know mental is an aspect Castro has to be right in.

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