March (Meh)dness: All-Time Greatest Chicago Cubs Bracket (The Finally! 4)

March (Meh)dness: All-Time Greatest Chicago Cubs Bracket (The Finally! 4)

Alright, everyone who picked Florida, UConn, Wisconsin, and Kentucky in the Final 4, please raise your hand.  Alright, chief, no one believes you, so just go ahead and put it back down.  Seriously, what a crazy weekend of basketball.  It was really kind of them to wrap up the last couple of rounds in time for baseball to start though, huh.

Well, technically, the season already started.  Those games Down Under were actually considered regular season contests, which I find very odd.  I mean, you're traveling thousands of miles to a savage land populated by marsupials.  Have you even seen Mad Max?  In the name of all that is holy, the toilets flush in the wrong direction.

And if that's not enough to make you understand the sheer insanity of this mysterious island, consider that a pair of Aussies actually named their baby Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii.  Wait, they were Kiwis?  I guess that just means the oddity carried over by osmosis.  And maybe the dingo ate your baby!

And when it comes crazy, those college kids and their fans could give Hugh Jackman's countrymen a run for their money.  I have no doubt that Indianapolis was ringing with cries of "C-A-T-S, CATS, CATS, CATS," the frequency, volume, and twang of which were enough to rupture eardrums and cause at least temporary delirium.

As a B1G fan, it pained me to see both Michigan and Michigan State piss away games that appeared to have been in hand.  And as someone who loathes UK, their victory only made my Sunday evening that much more nauseating.  But alas, baseball is upon us and America's Pastime is the pink bismuth liquid that can cure my ills.

I've no doubt that you, constant reader, have chewed your nails to the quick in following this amalgam of the all-time greatest Chicago Cubs and the NCAA tourney.  But take heart, for the brackets are drawing to a close in this, the Finally! 4.

PK Wrigley Region

Ryne Sandberg vs. 3 Andre Dawson

Can you imagine what The Hawk would've done had he played his entire career at Wrigley?  No artificial turf to rob him of his speed before age alone could do so and the national exposure of WGN would have made him a bigger star than he already was.  He won the MVP on a last-place team, for crying out loud.  However, Ryno also won an MVP and did play nearly his entire career in the Cubs organization.  Both were great, but Sandberg is far more iconic when it comes to the Cubs.

Albert Spalding Region

Billy Williams vs. 3 Mark Grace

In a lefty-lefty matchup, Williams comes out on top.  Grace had more hits than any other player in the 90's, but one wonders what he could have done had he not been so concerned with partying.  How many more hits could he have collected had he not been handicapped by day games after night games?  Of course, Williams almost didn't have a career at all after leaving his team at one point in the minors.  But he obviously came back and had himself a nice little career.  When your name flies from the flagpole, you usually get the benefit of the doubt.

Charles Weeghman Region

Ernie Banks vs. 3 Gabby Hartnett

This one really wasn't even close; I mean, it's Mr. Cub.

Tribune Company Region

1 Ron Santo vs. 2 Hack Wilson

In what is probably the biggest upset of the tournament, at least from an emotional standpoint, Hack Wilson takes out the beloved Ron Santo.  I said having your name on the flagpole usually gives you the benefit of the doubt.  Ronnie was an amazing part of the Cubs, both on the field and in the booth, but Wilson was the better overall player.  He seems to be a bit of a forgotten man among the greats, whether because very few living people actually saw him play or because his superlative stat seems to overshadow his overall accomplishments.  Whatever the case, he's moving on.

Man, I'm exhausted.  Close finishes, comebacks, and seeing some of the greats pack it in and head home.  Our tourney will be finishing up next week, so tune in for the final 3 match-ups to see who comes out on top.

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  • As for having a number on the flag pole, isn't it curious that no one before the mid 1950s was sufficiently worthy? I guess they weren't on WGN-TV so nobody heard of them.

    Speaking of TV, did the Santo family contact the lawyer, who is now advertising that if you have diabetes and bladder cancer, in time? That's the bracket I'm watching.

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