Cubs Rooftops Update: Cubs Ready to Move on Budweiser Bottle Structure

Cubs Rooftops Update: Cubs Ready to Move on Budweiser Bottle Structure

I have to admit, I’m a bit weary of updating this Cubs/Rooftops saga.

Yet, I suppose it is necessary. I had reported earlier  that the Cubs were considering erecting a huge Budwieser ad in right field. This is a real thing, I'm told, and would work along with the Cubs' new $140 million deal with Bud.

This potential ad would actually be in the form of a giant Bud Bottle structure (see above picture of AT&T Park in San Francisco for reference). I wasn’t sure at the time if this scenario was just being leaked out as a scare tactic to bring the Miller Lite building owners back to the table, but I hear today that this ad is indeed a real possibility.

The Cubs have been involved in ongoing negotiations with the owner of the building the Miller Lite signage currently adorns. That signage was to be converted into a Budweiser ad, which would have required some concessions from both sides. Apparently things are not moving along so well, so the Cubs are prepared to move forward in their own direction.

I had to ask if it would be kosher to put up such a structure, but, at this point, there doesn’t seem to be any concern on that front.

"This is a baseball park we are talking about here", Says a source.

My earlier post also talked about the fact that Tom Ricketts was in negotations to buy out one of the rooftop buildings on Waveland Ave. but there doesn’t seem to be as much traction there as originally thought. The sides appear to be too far apart on the overall value, so it seems the Cubs may be ready to move forward, even without the promise that will be no further litigation involving that particular rooftop business.

On a side note, my sources keep telling me Alderman Patrick J. O’Connor has been very valuable during these recent negotiations. Better known as “City Hall Santa," O'Connor is considered to be a top assistant to Mayor Rham Emanuel. He has been an Alderman in Chicago’s City Council, representing the 40th Ward on the North Side of the city since he was first elected in 1983 at age 28.

There seems to have been a surge of optimism and positivity since O'Connor took a lead in the negotiations. Let's hope that carries beyond the dealings with the rooftops and into the Cubs season as well.


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  • Tom, I appreciate the insights here and I can understand why there's a hesitation to provide specifics, but as a fan I grow impatient with "mabye's" and "mights".

    Do you at least have a prediction as to when there will be some concrete decisions made?

  • In reply to Matt Mosconi:

    No one really knows. My source has been optimistic. He really feels Cubs and most rooftops are in sync. It really is about a remaining pain the ass or two holding things up. So Ricketts needs to get tough and get it done without worrying about legal issues. I think Opening Day is the end of line.

  • A Budweiser bottle, like San Fran Coke structure, sounds pretty cool. If they're going to be putting up signs anyway (so worry of messing with the 'holiness' of Wrigley's outfield isn't a factor), I think a bottle would be a lot more fun than a billboard.

    Bring it on -- and those dollars, of course.

  • In reply to justinjabs:

    It certainly would be eye catching. Esp for TV and a conversation piece.

  • Tom - isn't there at least a little part of you that wishes Ricketts would also erect a giant middle finger statue to the hold-out rooftop owners?

    Glad he is finally just sucking it up and going what he should have done months ago even though he doesn't have full buy-in from every last hold-out.

  • In reply to Ryno2Grace:

    That's pretty much what that Bud bottle would be to at least one of them.

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