Samardzija sees progress with Cubs

Samardzija sees progress with Cubs

We all know that Jeff Samardzija and the Cubs are at an impasse.

The club and pitcher have had some widely reported difficulties making either a short or long term deal happen.

In these cases, it is almost always about the money.

Money surely is a factor here. However, there is a competitive component that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Samardzija is an ultra competitive athlete, and he is less than thrilled about the last couple of seasons he has had to endure on the north side.

There was plenty of talk of the Cubs possibly moving the 29 year old pitcher this past summer and into the winter meetings. The funny thing is that Samardzija wants to stay and the Cubs want to keep him.

Why can’t a deal be struck?

Yes, there are some industry people I have spoken with that believe Samardzija and the Cubs are a ways apart on perceived value. Yet, one AL exec feels strongly it has more to do with “Shark” wanting to win and not being content in a rebuild mode.

Samardzija visited the “Mac and Spiegel Show” via the Score 670 AM on Friday and spoke about what he needs to see from the Cubs.

When specifically asked how he feels about the current rebuilding process he shared some honest thoughts.

“It (the rebuilding word) makes the back of my throat clench up”. “To say it’s okay to lose for the better of a future plan, that is tough for me to swallow”, Samardzija said.

Samardzija stated he would just like to see a sign that things are moving forward in the program before committing to the Cubs long term.

The Cubs ace may have caught a glimpse of that very sign in Arizona recently.

"Baez, Bryant, Soler, watching those guys work is exciting, they’re hungry. I really love to see that. I really like to see how hungry those guys are. They not only want to get to the big leagues, they want to be great in the big leagues”, said Samardzija.

Time will tell if that sign leads to a signing.

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  • Sounds like Samardzija is trying to back peddle a little. I think his management team remembers what happened the Theroit when he went to Arb with the Cubs. The fans turned on him pretty Theriot.

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