Mariners Check In With Cubs On Samardzija And Russell

Mariners Check In With Cubs On Samardzija And Russell

The Jeff Samardzija rumors simply won't go away.

At least not until an extension is signed or he is actually dealt. I do believe the latter is much more realistic.

I was recently convinced, however, the Cubs wouldn’t deal their ace until closer to the July deadline. Then you have more reports today that link the Mariners to Samardzija.

I still figure any team that is looking for pitching has Samardzija on their radar. Teams like the Mariners still favor the remaining free agent arms out there as a first option.

You hear most teams still think the Cubs asking price is high, making a deal an alternative.

Teams would prefer not to pay dearly for what many view as a number 3 pitcher. The Cubs front office seemingly would want teams to pay for what Samardzija can still be, not for what he is.

That’s a gamble some aren't willing to make.

When it comes to the Mariners, a source says they inquired with the Cubs on what it would take to get James Russell included in a potential deal. It appears the Cubs would be seeking a Garza like return with more emphasis on pitching.

A deal could include up to 5 or 6 names in return.

The rub would be the Mariners system lacks MLB ready arms they would make available. They do hoever, have some big arms at the A level.

While the teams are just feeling each other out, James Paxton, Edwin Diaz, Tyler Pike, and Luiz Gohara were mentioned as names to watch if talks ensue.


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  • Yeah, I'd have to think for the Mariners to make a deal they'd have to let the Cubs eviscerate their top 10.

    James Paxton, Victor Sanchez, Edwin Diaz, Luis Gohara and Tyler Marlette?

    Diaz, Sanchez and Gohara seem like they have high ceilings, they're just so far away. They kind of seem like Paul Blackburn-ish quality in terms of prospects. Marlette helps add a solid catching prospect and Paxton can try and win a rotation spot right away or slide in as a power lefty out of the pen.

    My guess is people would be PISSED with that kind of deal due to the lack of a near MLB ready TOR starter. It could be interesting, though, with its upside.

  • In reply to TulaneCubs:

    I agree with your ideas if they can get those types of players you would looking at team that keeps reloading from their farm system. It would be like an assembly line of pitching and players over the next 5 years.

  • In reply to TulaneCubs:

    Agreed. Even without a MLB-ready Taijuan Walker-type pitcher it could be a good deal. With another year or two of development, one or more of those players could have enough value to be part of a package to pry away a TOR-type starter from a team that either can't afford to extend or that thinks it needs to rebuild.

  • Some would be pissed but it would add a complete wave of talent in itself. Hard to be upset about that with one trade.

  • In reply to Holy Cattle:

    In terms of acquiring assets, it would just be adding to the proverbial pile.

  • In reply to Holy Cattle:

    Agreed, besides Shark is going to get overpaid IMO. I'd keep him if reasonable $.

  • I could also see the Cubs asking for Hultzen as a secondary piece despite the shoulder injury. It would seem to fit with the FO's past strategy of acquiring high-ceiling players when their value is down, like they did with Olt and Vizcaino.

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    Hultzen would be an interesting pitcher but he is a very high risk player now. If I was the Cubs would go for the Younger pitchers at the very least they become trade pieces. Or maybe they take big steps and become fast risers. Let's face it the Mariners have a great scouting team but lack the ability to develop it. Not many of their top talent come close to reaching their potential.

  • fb_avatar

    Shark, is making a bad move by not signing a long term extension. If the Cubs are offering $12M for 5 years, how do you let that pass? Hes going to get that in the next 2 years combined.

  • In reply to Teddy Robinson:

    I thought they were offering an AV of around 11 over 5 years which would put him at about 66 to 70 over 5 yrs.

  • In reply to Jason Brooks:

    If you want to stay in Chicago, how do you not accept either offer? My guess is he really doesn't want to stay here, but give him credit for some pretty shrew PR moves by saying things to keep the fans on his side. (After all, he's hardly the kind of super-focused pitcher to not let boo'ing from the stands or during his bar hopping effect him.) I've got no problem with him preferring to get traded. He's 29. If the Cubs get good enough for contention, he'll be in his early 30s and a third or fourth best arm on the staff at best. He wants the glory now of being on a playoff team with a better bullpen and offense to improve his free agency numbers. That means hoping for a trade this year at the deadline.

  • In reply to SkitSketchJeff:

    I agree I don't think he wants to stay unless he gets more then he is worth.

  • I think a Garza-like return for Shark and Russell would be about right, and I agree, I don't see a team pulling the trigger on that trade before the season starts. From a Cub perspective though, I think if both pitchers have decent 1st halfs, you could probably get more by trading them separately to different teams. The Cubs big system needs are pitching, speed, and left-handed bats. The odds of checking a maximum number of boxes from one trade partner is unlikely.

  • In reply to SkitSketchJeff:

    Yep that's why just keep piling up arms. We can draft the bats.

  • Mariners signed Randy Wolf so no need for Russell now.

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