Cubs and rooftops enter late innings, city to close

Cubs and rooftops enter late innings, city to close

You may be tired of hearing just how close the Rooftop Association and the Cubs are on a deal.

Yet, that appears to be the case here again.

To put in it baseball terms, this thing is in the ninth inning and the city is the closer. There is optimism that a deal can be reached soon.

Another meeting between the two sides is scheduled for the middle of this week. That meeting will likely focus on one key player.

As I have been reporting, the right field facet of the rooftop group are satisfied with the current proposal. A deal now hinges on a rooftop or two (on Waveland Ave.) that are affected by the proposed Jumbotron.

There seems to be an understanding that all parties involved need to do some more bargaining to get this last hurdle cleared.

I'm hearing the central rooftop in the hold up has been amicable and willing to make a sacrifice for a reasonable deal. That likely spells a buyout of sorts.

At that time the city would be called in to close this game.

There isn't an Alderman Marmol, is there?


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  • Tom...Bernstein was reporting a week or two ago that there was one rooftop owner, who owns several buildings, that has been the real problem and that he/she is looking to be a pain just because they can

  • In reply to Mikethoms:

    Wonder if same people. However, I heard they are being pretty reasonable and the fact it's likely down to one roadblock should make this go away.

  • He made it sound like the person was just looking to cause trouble and didn't care about settling. Then again he could be wrong

  • In reply to Mikethoms:

    Maybe another owner? This one wants something for bowing out.

  • You HAD to bring up Marmol Tom? :)

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