Javy Baez questionable makeup?

Javy Baez questionable makeup?

By now, you probably have caught wind of the minor storm ESPN analyst Keith Law provided yesterday in regards to Cubs top prospect Javy Baez.

During an online chat Law alluded to Baez as having some questionable makeup.

James (Detroit)

If you had to pick one player in your top 10 that will completely bust, who would it be? Hey, enough of this positivity. Let's get negative!

K Law

Baez is where he is because he's got more risk/volatility than the 7 guys ahead of him. I don't think he has great makeup, and the newfound plate discipline came in a pretty small sample.

I checked around yesterday and a scout volunteered a story involving Baez as a teammate. Baez was considering colleges at the time and according to the story, purposely delayed his decision-making process.

Baez thought this move would allow more scouts to come out and watch his team, and therefore get his teammates more exposure.

There were some times earlier in Baez career where he may have been more flamboyant or demonstrative, but some industry people I spoke with yesterday feel he's actually matured since then.

Yet, some still that believe Baez could dial down the arrogance a bit.

That seems less than a major issue here. If there have been any major concerns I've heard regarding the talented shortstop, it has mostly involved his plate discipline, not makeup.

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  • I hope he's matured. Zambrano never did. He just got in another fight!

  • In reply to Floyd Sullivan:

    Zambrano never will. Z was never willing to work hard enough to harness his talent. Baez has shown he will.

  • Almora seems very understated...Bryant is definitely cocky(I think I can play right now in bigs), but subdued....Soler doesnt speak the language yet and may be slightly on the quieter side, unless with a bat in a brawl

    I want Baez to be flamboyant and arrogant if that what gets the best out of him. He is a young kid with plenty of time to mature, not everyone is a consummate professional at 20 years old.

  • In reply to ChiTownD:

    Soler was not in a brawl with a bat. It was a discussion while he was carrying a bat.

  • In reply to ChiTownD:

    I'm more than ok with a little bravado. Some are more problematic like Zambrano but I think this FO and coaching staff will get him in the right mindset.

  • Makeup? For a second you alarmed me.

  • fb_avatar

    I know Javy has been known to show up the occassional pitcher by admiring his home runs from time to time, but I have never heard anything negative from any of his coaches nor his teammates.
    Personally I think Law was looking for a reaction from Cubs fans on this as he has been known to do occassionaly.
    The fact that Javy has shown that he is coachable and has meshed well with the Cubs Minor League instructors as well as players would seem to indicate that his makeup is not a question.
    Now if Law had simply stuck to questioning his approach at the plate then that would be legitimate as that is an area of concern and an area that Javy has worked very hard on over the last year.
    When its all said and done, I think he ends up being a Superstar and big reason that the Cubs finally claim that title of World Series Champions again...

  • Excuse me, but virtually every great in every sport has a degree of arrogance. Mohammed Ali was certainly anything but a wallfower, the Babe was flamboyant and cocky as they came, Barry Bonds is arrogant as hell. Sometimes being "cocky" is just an expression of being confident. The quiet greats like Aaron, Mays , DiMaggio or Pujols are pretty rare.

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