Cubs Tanaka offer could exceed $160 million

Cubs Tanaka offer could exceed $160 million

Plenty of media reports have portrayed the Cubs as serious players for Masahiro Tanaka.

Some even have them painted as the favorites.

I was told tonight the industry buzz places the Cubs offer in the neighborhood of $160 million for 7 years.

That offer does not include the $20 million posting fee, I'm told.

Gordon Wittenmyer refutes the reports the Cubs are front runners. He says instead, the Cubs still view themselves as long shots in the derby.

That may be true, but it doesn't seem it will be from a lack of an aggressive offer. There are other factors in play. Tanaka wants to win, and his wife wants to be a star.

New York and LA may provide those opportunities more so at this time.

I've thought all along the Yankees or Dodgers would have a hard time with not landing the prized import.

Yet, some top baseball reporters like Ken Rosenthal and Jayson Stark saw this big Cubs offer coming in the last few days. We are nearing the finish line.

Anyone betting heavy on the long shot?

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    Huge offer Tom. Sure hope it's on target

  • Tom, have you heard any rumors on the other teams' offers? I saw on MLBTR that Arizona's offer was 6/120...then Twitter was reporting the Yankees and Dodgers were in that area too, but no real confirmation.

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    No I haven't really been paying attention I must admit.

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