Black Wednesday: Cubs double their losses

Black Wednesday: Cubs double their losses

The Cubs have seen some dark days.

Then there was Wednesday.

Everyone expected the Masahiro Tanaka decision announcement to drop by Wednesday morning. By noon, it seemed as if a mushroom cloud had dropped over Wrigley Field.

As if losing out on Tanaka wasn't enough, the noted progress made with the Wrigley Rooftop Association blew up shortly after.

It was the kind of day that must have made Theo Epstein ponder escaping Wrigleyville in the Clark the Cub getup.

When it came to Tanaka, I expressed serious doubts all along the Cubs would be able to land the prized free-agent. Yet, on Saturday I heard the club was willing to go as high as $160 million in total to get it done. Internally I wondered if this were just another Joe Girardi fate accompli.

A rival source close to the situation assured me the Cubs had indeed a legitimate shot. Unfortunately, the biggest issue was Tanaka wanted a legitimate shot at winning.

When it comes to the negotiations with the Rooftop Association, it's all about the Jumbotron now. The association balked when the 90 ft something scoreboard's exact location was detailed in today's meeting at City Hall.

My report the other day also mentioned just how unhappy the rooftop owners were with Tom Ricketts and Crane Kenney speaking so ill of them at the Cubs convention over the weekend.

It may have just been just some cute grandstanding by Cubs brass, but it didn't help seal the deal that seemed so close just the other day. Why chance blowing something so vital to the organization's overall health, as Theo likes to say.

Too add injury to insult, Buster Olney went on air with info that the Ricketts ownership was blindsided and overwhelmed by the cost and obstacles of running the franchise.

Just before I could hide all the sharp objects, Keith Law joined the "Waddle and Silvy Show" on ESPN Chicago, and reminded us of just how loaded the Cubs are with young hitting talent. Yet, he says they need impact pitching. The very type Tanaka would have provided.

Maybe, just maybe, if stuff like this rooftop thing would've been resolved much earlier, the Cubs could've had the resources to have gotten their man.

Someone hide that bear suit.

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  • the MLB network should really get in on this...have a documentary style tv show on the process...I would def tune in

  • In reply to Mick:

    They may have missed out on this.

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    I know this isn't the popular opinion but I think the Cubs should openly court and look into moving from Wrigley. Rosemont, Tinley Park and DuPage County have all shown interest. The Ricketts' need to look into these options and be willing to go all the way with it and play an economic game of chicken with the roof top owners.

  • I think that it is time for the Ballpark Renovation to go forward and continue until it is completed. If the Cubs have to play somewhere elsse for this seaon or next so what. That way the Cubs revenue streams will get here sooner and the rooftop owners will have to suffer the lost season or two of their revenues. I think that the rooftop owners have gone too far.

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