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Bulls in Haiku: Surprise, Surprise

It’s been talked aboutfor months but today it’s done.Del Negro is out! As for a new coach,No news and no timetable,Guess we’ll wait and see.

Bulls in Haiku: Del Negro News

Watch the news conferenceAt Twelve O’clock tomorrowIs this Vinny’s end?

The End in Haiku: Cavaliers 96, Bulls 94

Bulls put up a fightBut still fell to Cleveland CavsNow the question is Will Vinny stay on?Did he do enough this yearTo remain head coach?

Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 98, Rockets 88

If you weren’t sure yet,Last night must have convinced you,Bulls don’t need Vinny!

Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 104, Pacers 95

Can you Bull-eve it!Winning two games in a row!Will it save Vinny?

Good Riddance in Haiku: Vinny Del Negro

Bulls to fire coach,When they have a replacement.He will not be missed.

Bulls in Haiku: Hawks 118; Bulls 83

Some fans call for his head,But Vinny says “not worried.”Should he be?  Your thoughts?