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Attitude Problems In Haiku: Harris vs. Bradley

Grossly overpaidUnderachieving asses Attitude problems H/T to @42TheGreat who posted this tweet: Tommie Harris and Milton Bradley should become friends. Two grossly overpaid, underachieving asses w/attitude problems. So which ass is worse?Would it be Milton BradleyWho just can’t shut up? Or is it Harris?Who hits a man when he’s downFor no good reason? Or maybe... Read more »

Thugs In Haiku: Tommie Harris

Tommie Harris leaves the field after being ejected for punching Cardinals right guard Deuce Lutui in the face (Chicago Tribune photo) Cheap and dirty playHad him kicked out of the game.As if it mattered. Until the NFL makes YouTube take it down, here’s a video of the mugging: