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Cubs In Haiku: Reds 4, Cubs 3

Starlin Castro lies on the ground after being hit by a pitch in the 9th inning. He hurt his shoulder, which he used to prevent the ball from hitting him in the head. (Chicago Tribune photo by Chris Sweda) Sweet Lou Piniella Says, “It’s hard, it’s frustrating“ Yes … but he’s leaving! Cubs fans share... Read more »

The Mood In Haiku: Day Two, Year One A.R.

Chicago weatherReflects the mood of Cubs fansOn Day Two, Year One Earlier this year the Cubs launched their “Year One” advertising campaign. The message I got was, “Forget the past … new owners … the start of something new.”  Yesterday was Day One of Year One A.R.  (Anno Ricketts) and, to put it mildly, it... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Ricketts At Wrigley - 1962?

It looks like RickettsWas giving the Cubs moneyBack in ’62 It’s not the same “Ricketts”, and I’m not sure if the money for this rooftop ad went to the Cubs, but I found the interesting image above while looking for “Ricketts” photos on the Trib’s website. But is that the year?Blogger Al Yellon thinks notAt... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Is Ricketts A "Real" Cubs Fan?

Is he a real fan?That’s the question some have askedThe answer is yes According to the Tribune: Tom Ricketts and his family took ownership of the Chicago Cubs and wasted no time making a promise to the team’s long-suffering fans: They will bring a World Series title to a team that has gone 101 years... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Ricketts' Clue About Bradley?

It looks like Hendry knew in January that this deal would stink for the Cubs Ricketts gave a hintThat we might have someone newPlaying in right field Last week I expressed concern about Tom Ricketts’ unjustified confidence in Jim Hendry. But there was something else from Friday’s news conference that might be a clue about... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Ricketts Makes His First Mistake

Meet The Rickettses (Chicago Tribune Photo) The Cubbies’ new bossHas confidence in HendryThat’s what worries me According to a story in the Chicago Tribune: General manager Jim Hendry, whose contract runs through 2012, has earned the chance to lead the team into next season, Ricketts said. How has he earned that?By trading Mark DeRosaAnd signing... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Ricketts Officially In Charge

Crane Kenney and his new boss (Chicago Tribune photo) Now it’s officialReally, truly officialOfficially done Tom Ricketts takes charge Dad founded Ameritrade Time for Bradleytrade? The Cubs “settled” on the Ricketts deal in January.  It was “finalized” in July.  Then it was “official” – but not really official – in August.  A bankruptcy filing was... Read more »

This Time for Sure In Haiku: Cubs Sale Official

Say hello to the new boss (Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune) Now it’s official Say hello to the Ricketts We’ve met them before Many months ago We thought the deal was settled Now they say it is Wish them luck, Cubs fans Because heaven knows we need Some positive news

Cubs In Haiku: What's The Deal?

Is there now a deal To sell the Cubs to Utay? Crain’s Business says yes Trib says no deal yet Crane Kenney says he just wants To settle it soon