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Stanley Cup in Haiku: Our Year is Over

Stanley Cup in Haiku: Our Year is Over
Bruins killed the ‘Nucksand Chara hoisted the CupThomas – MVP Then in Vancouver,Canucks fans didn’t surpriseRiots in the streets Blackhawks fans said it“Anyone but Vancouver”Now we pass the Cup

Blackhawks in Haiku: STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!

Patrick Kane celebrates with Jonathan Toews after his overtime game winning goal. (Chicago Tribune Photo) Holy fucking shitBlackhawks win Lord Stanley’s CupParade on Friday Game 6 Final Score: Blackhawks 4, Flyers 3

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 7, Flyers 4

The Blackhawks salute their fans after their victory. (Chicago Tribune Photo) Blackhawks love their homeOne goal is one win awayCommit to the Cup Stanley Cup Finals: Blackhawks 3, Flyers 2

Blackhawks in Haiku: Flyers 5, Blackhawks 3

Blackhawks fans react after the Game 4 loss in Philadelphia. (Chicago Tribune Photo) Flyers tie it upShould we question refs’ bias?Hawks back home tonight. Stanley Cup Finals: Blackhawks 2, Flyers 2

Blackhawks in Haiku: Flyers 4, Blackhawks 3

The game-winner gets past goalie Antti Niemi. (Chicago Tribune Photo) The winning streak endsBut this loss isn’t all badHawks will come back home! Stanley Cup Finals: Blackhawks 2, Flyers 1

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 2, Flyers 1

Marian Hossa celebrates his goal in the second period. (Chicago Tribune Photo) The Blackhawks score twicein the second periodto take two game lead Stanley Cup Finals: Blackhawks 2, Flyers 0

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 6, Flyers 5

Tomas Kopecky celebrates with the fans after scoring what turned out to be the game-winner. (Chicago Tribune Photo) Flyers changed goaliesThe Hawks first line didn’t scoreThe lead changed 4 times A crazy Game 1No one could have predictedGives Hawks advantage Stanley Cup Finals: Blackhawks 1, Flyers 0

Blackhawks in Haiku: The Next Victim?

Chicago Tribune Photo Hawks have swept the SharksWho will they play in finals?The Flyers or Habs? poll by