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Cubs In Haiku: Cubs Win! Cubs Lose!

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs Win!  Cubs Lose!
  A split squad Sunday Cubs “maybes” beat the Angels “Stars” lose to Brewers A line up that included Johermyn Chavez, Brian Bougesevic, Brad Nelson, Edwin Maysonet and Christian Villneuva, with the mighty Nick Struck on the mound to start the game, managed to defeat the Angels 4-2 on Sunday.  Meanwhile, a team that included Luis Valbuena,... Read more »

HoHokam Haiku: Getting Ready For Baseball

Spring is in the air HoHokam Park is ready Games start this weekend Our Arizona vacation will end on the day the Cubs play their first spring training game at HoHokam Park in Mesa. But, thanks to stadium manager Mark Gallo, we were able to visit the ballpark on the first day of our week... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Great Weather, Bad Baseball

    Sunny in Mesa85 degrees, clear skiesAbysmal baseball We’ve seen two games so far, and while the weather’s been great the Cubs have not looked good.  Remember when Alfonso Soriano would throw out runners trying to score from third on fly balls to left?  On Tuesday he threw the ball into the third base... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Another Carlos Loses His Temper

Perhaps you have heard About today’s dugout fight Here’s my reaction Memo To Silva: It’s spring training you jackass Get your head on straight Perhaps you forgot That you served up two long balls In that first inning Sure it’s frustrating But you’ve got to remember These games do not count The Cubs defense continues... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 3, Giants 2

Aramis Ramirez leads the team in a line dance before Monday’s game. (Tribune Photo by Phil Velasquez) Dempster has good start Cubs manage first win of spring Despite three errors Remember when the Cubs led baseball in unearned runs?  It could happen again if the errors don’t stop.  Miscues by Castro, DeWitt and Scales on... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Brewers 5, Cubs 3

Chicago Tribune Photo by Phil Velasquez Once again the Cubs Lose a meaningless ball game At least it was close While summing it up Manager Mike Quade says “We’ve got work to do“

Cubs In Haiku: Athletics 15, Cubs 7

Tribune Photo by Phil Velasquez First Spring Traning game Started out promisingly Then it fell apart Zambrano was sharp But Garza disappointed As did Justin Berg Cubs fans celebrated for two innings – good offense in the first built a 4 run lead and Zambrano pitched 2 no-hit innings with 2 strike outs.  But, as... Read more »

Illegal Haiku: Spring Training Warning

I only occasionally write about politics here, and try to find a Cubs connection, however tenuous, when I do.  Since the Cubs  spring training home is in Arizona, I figured there’s a sufficient connection for me to post this. A Mesa police officer checks the papers of a suspected undocumented resident … or maybe this... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 6, Diamondbacks 0

You should be excited about Starlin Castro  Last time I wrote here Was when spring had just begun And today, it ends Since games didn’t count I found myself involved in Other haiku stuff Cubs win final game Just like they won the first one There’s some symmetry In both of the games Starlin Castro... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 9, Athletics 3

Starlin Castro tripled today – although this picture was taken on Tuesday (Tribune photo by Phil Velasquez) Five Cubbie home runsLee, Byrd, Colvin, Snyder, FuldDoesn’t count?  Who cares? Bottom of the eighthStarlin Castro’s triple wasIcing on the cake