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SOTU in Haiku: The Sport Of Politics

Hey! Fellow bloggers!Did you watch the speech last night?Any reaction? When Oprah shut down Michigan Avenue last year, we all wrote about it – including a couple of us here at Chicago Sports In Haiku.  The powers that be at ChicagoNow even created an “Oprah Watch” blog. But this morning, when I clicked on the... Read more »

The Hawk In Haiku: It's Only A Hat

He won’t look like a Cub in the Hall of Fame, but Cubs fans will use their imagination Now we know DawsonWill enter Hall as ExpoSome Cubs fans are sad Disappointed? SureDon’t you feel that a bit, too?Be honest – you do.  But I’m fine with itThe Hall honors the playersNot the hats they wore... Read more »

Cubs Convention In Haiku: Five Hall of Famers

Five Hall of Famers Will be in attendance at The Cubs Convention  That includes ErnieFergie, Billy and RynoPlus the new guy, too! Cubs hat on his headAndre Dawson will look greatWill “The Hall” agree? The Cubs have released the list of attendees for the 2010 Cubs Convention, which starts on Friday afternoon.  The roster includes... Read more »

Bears In Haiku: Packers 21, Bears 14

Cutler leaves the field after another great performance (Chicago Tribune photo) It’s that time of year.The time to give and receive.Or for Jay …  just give.

The Hawk In Haiku: Prepare For #Dawson4TheHall Day

Take a little timeGet ready to help The HawkMake the Hall of Fame A reminder to all Cubs fans – Tuesday is #Dawson4TheHall Day.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my post from last week. You can prepare for the big event by adding a Twibbon to your Twitter profile photo,... Read more »

Butts In Haiku: Devin Has A Cute One

Bears fans get a peek At 23’s bare behindIn case you missed it . . .

Oprah In Haiku: The Palin Effect?

This might be what Oprah looked liked after interviewing Sarah Palin Just coincidence?Oprah to announce show’s endFour days post-Palin. Politics is sport, right?  But even if it’s got nothing to do with sports, I just couldn’t resist a haiku or two about a couple of my least favorite female celebrities, both of whom made news... Read more »