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Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 9, Athletics 3

Starlin Castro tripled today – although this picture was taken on Tuesday (Tribune photo by Phil Velasquez) Five Cubbie home runsLee, Byrd, Colvin, Snyder, FuldDoesn’t count?  Who cares? Bottom of the eighthStarlin Castro’s triple wasIcing on the cake

Cubs Con In Haiku: Day 2

Saturday startedWith Hall of Fame autographFrom Andre Dawson Convention vets know that everyone gets a scratch off ticket for a chance to win an autograph from the most popular Cubs.  We were lucky enough to win an Andre Dawson autograph. It meant missing the “Meet The Owners” session, but I think it was worth it. ... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Diamondbacks 5, Cubs 2

Finally, Sam FuldGets his first big league home runAnd two RBIs Unfortunately,Cubs lost the season’s last gameWait until next year

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 2, Brewers 0

Dempster sharp through 8Lee’s home run all we neededMarmol gets the save Last night was my last visit to Wrigley this year and the game was a good one.  Dempster had a no hitter until I mentioned it to my sister with 2 outs in the 5th (sorry ’bout that) and the Cubs managed to... Read more »

Sam Fuld In Haiku: Alfonso Who?

Hey Lou, let this guy play! (Gina Ferazzi, Los Angeles Times) There was a bright side To the series in L.A.His name is Sam Fuld A great catch FridayStole a home run from MannyJust Sam being Sam Saturday two moreOne face first into the fenceHe seems to like that Icing on the cakeFirst career stolen... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Dodgers 2, Cubs 0

The same old storyAnother quality startBut no Cubs offense But there was Sam FuldRunning in to walls againTo make great catches

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 3, Pirates 1

Not quite as easyAs yesterday’s victoryStill satisfying A couple highlights:A-Ram gets pinch hit singleFuld runs into wall

Cubs In Haiku: A-Ram Returns

David Banks, Chicago Tribune Ramirez returnsFrom the DL, along withJohnson and Guzman Who goes to Des Moines?Likely Hart and Samardzija Micah or Sam Fuld

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 4, Pirates 1

Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune I think that Sam Fuld Should be our new leadoff man And play in left field Yes, I know, it’s just one game.  But Sam Fuld, who famously ran into the right field wall at Wrigley in 2007 and then threw to the infield for a double play, is showing some... Read more »