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Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 6, Phillies 1

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 6, Phillies 1
Cubs beat the Phillies With Roy Halladay pitching It’s almost surreal

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 11, Phillies 6

Cubs beat Halladay Utterly unexpected Completely welcome

Haiku History: 20 Things That Happened Since May 25th

It's a way of life
At last … Cubs fans can give thanks that for the first time in almost six weeks, our team began a series without falling behind immediately. Not a season changer, but at least for one day, “the skies above are blue” and “life is like a song.” Monday in Phoenix Cubs won series opener  First time... Read more »

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 4, Rays 3

Dear Scott Podsednik You could have caught that fly ball Jenks still saves thriller Do Sox need pitcher?Roy Halladay? Please tell me … Should Sox make a trade?