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Senators In Haiku: Mark Kirk Should Have Left The Senate, But Couldn't

Senators In Haiku: Mark Kirk Should Have Left The Senate, But Couldn't
Mark Kirk had a stroke But remained our Senator There wasn’t much choice   Mark Kirk is recovering from a stroke and has been unable to represent Illinois in the United States Senate.  As a result, we’ve been without half of our representation there for almost a year.  Illinois law, and current circumstances, effectively made... Read more »

Justice In Haiku: Blago Guilty

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich greets his lawyer Sheldon Sorosky as he arrives at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse in Chicago for the verdict in his corruption trial (Tribune photo by Michael Tercha) Bad day for Blago Guilty on seventeen counts Justice has been done Serious charges Extortion and corruption Wire fraud, bribery It seems quite... Read more »

Blago In Haiku: (Not Really) Guilty As Charged

Chicago Tribune photo by Abel Uribe I know it’s not sports But it’s the biggest story In Chicago, Now.  Blago is guilty On just one count against him Has justice been served? Only conviction Lying to the FBI Hung on all others

Haiku History: 20 Things That Happened Since May 25th

It's a way of life
At last … Cubs fans can give thanks that for the first time in almost six weeks, our team began a series without falling behind immediately. Not a season changer, but at least for one day, “the skies above are blue” and “life is like a song.” Monday in Phoenix Cubs won series opener  First time... Read more »