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Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 7, Canucks 1

Hawks beat the Canucksand say bye bye LuongoCrawford strong in net

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 2, Canucks 1

Goalie Marty Turco reaches as Vancouver’s Mikael Samuelsson misses a shot during the shootout. (Chicago Tribune Photo) Canucks and Blackhawksalways put on a great showThis one’s no different Goes to a shoot outToews, Sharp, Kane beat LuongoHawks win their fourth straight

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 5, Canucks 1

Troy Brouwer scores in the second period. (Chicago Tribune) The Blackhawks move on!The Canucks are Luon-gone!Hello, San Jose! Stanley Cup Playoffs Semifinals: Blackhawks Win, 4-2

Blackhawks in Haiku: Canucks 4, Blackhawks 1

The Blackhawks sit on the ice during the first period. (Chicago Tribune Photo) Blackhawks can’t do muchagainst Luongo of oldHat trick streak over Stanley Cup Playoffs Semifinals: Blackhawks 3, Canucks 2

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 6, Canucks 3

Even the Blackhawks fans got into the action by taunting the Canucks from their seats and screaming “LUUU” every time the Blackhawks scored against Canucks goalie, Roberto Luongo, in the first period. A game full of fightsand six different Hawks scoring!“Canuck” Vancouver