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Sox Haiku Battle - Game 3

Sox Haiku Battle - Game 3
Plenty of base hits But too few when it mattered Sox strand eleven Jon tried to raise White Sox fans’ spirits by prefacing his haiku with the suggestion that, “Maybe we’ll see you again in October.” Alhough. of course, he added, “If so, I predict a sweep by us.” ah, Chicago once again we paint... Read more »

White Sox In Haiku: Royals 5, White Sox 3

White Sox In Haiku: Royals 5, White Sox 3
Plenty of Sox hits Not many when it mattered Thirteen left on base

Cubs In Haiku: White Sox 4, Cubs 3

Carlos Pena is congratulated by Alfonso Soriano after Pena’s solo homer in the 6th inning (Tribune photo by Chris Sweda) Pena hits home runs Three straight games against the Sox But Cubs can’t win two Carlos Pena hit his third home run in as many games against the White Sox, while Paul Konerko’s homer streak... Read more »

Sox in Haiku: Sweep Series: White 3, Red 0

Paul Konerko heads back to the dugout after hitting a two-run homer in the ninth inning on Wednesday. (David Butler II-US PRESSWIRE, US PRESSWIRE / June 1, 2011) Exclamation point!!!Konerko hits big home run White Sox sweep series First win seven three Second win ten to seven Third win seven four

CSUOBXS in Haiku: Who's On First

Hey Abbott!!!!!! Sox sign Konerko!And Cubs sign Carlos PenaLet’s start Spring training!!!

White Sox in Haiku: Hello Adam Dunn

Free agent Adam Dunn apparently will sign a four-year deal with the White Sox. (Getty) Are the White Sox Dunn?No!!! Looks like A.J. is backWhat about Paulie?

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 8, Red Sox 2

Paul Konerko is congratulated in the dugout after hitting a grand slam in the fourth inning. (Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE, US PRESSWIRE / October 1, 2010) When the lights go out Konerko supplies powerHits grand slam in win

White Sox in Haiku: Twins 8, White Sox 5

Paul Konerko is hit by a pitch by Twins starter Carl Pavano in the 1st inning. (Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune / September 16, 2010) Face it!!  Sox are done Konerko proved his toughness Now has time to heal   Sox needed a sweep Instead of being the broom They were the dust pan

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 12, Royals 6

Alexei Ramirez scores on a wild pitch as Royals pitcher Philip Humber covers home plate in the fourth inning. It tied the game at 6-6. (José M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune / September 12, 2010) Sox survive bad first Konerko hits two home runs Come back win enough?

Cubs In Haiku: Who's On First?

The Braves get Lee Cubs get three more young pitchers But who will play first? Almost as confusing as an Abbott and Costello routine, there’s no shortage of suggestions for who should play first for the Cubs now that Derrek Lee is moving to Atlanta.   Paul Sullivan wonders about Tyler Colvin, who last played... Read more »