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Bears In Haiku: Packers 27 Bears 17

Bears In Haiku: Packers 27 Bears 17
Bears blew it Sunday Matt rushed for under 10 yds Worst since ’52   Thanks to Quinn in Palatine

Cutler In Haiku: Forget The Damn Injury

Tribune Photo by Brian Cassella When can we discuss Cutler’s zero point first half Not his injury? He’s not a “pussy” Just a shitty quarterback But you knew that, right? As I write this, two of the most popular posts on ChicagoNow are about fans complaining that Jay Cutler should have toughed it out and... Read more »

Blackhawks in Haiku: Flyers 4, Blackhawks 1

Bears fans after the Packers beat the Bears 21-14. (Chicago Tribune Photo) Sadness in Chi-townwasn’t caused by Blackhawks lossEven though it sucked

Bears In Haiku: Packers 21, Bears 14

Sorry, kid. (Tribune Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo) After today’s game We have a choice of haiku Which do you prefer? Do we spend our time Heaping scorn on Jay Cutler With something like this:    Thank you, Caleb H.    Without you we had no chance    Screw you, Jay Cutler    Your poor performance   ... Read more »

Bears In Haiku: Bears 35 Seahawks 24

Chicago Tribune photo by Brian Cassella Jay’s first playoff game Seahawks were no match for Bears Bring on the Packers And here’s a special “guest haiku” from busyb33, who won tickets to the game in our haiku contest: It was never close Bears-Packers, at Soldier Field Now that is a game

Bears In Haiku: How The Bears Won

The Green Bay Packers Set a new franchise record For most penalties

Bears In Haiku: Bears 20, Packers 17

Robbie Gould kicks the game winning field goal with 0:04 left (Tribune photo by Scott Strazzante) The Bears are alone The only unbeaten team In the NFC   Is the team that good? Or have they just been lucky So far this season? Could the Bears have won Without Hester’s big return? His first in... Read more »

Vanity Plates In Haiku: Go Bears

Kudos to the fan Clever and daring enough To display this plate

Bears In Haiku: Are You Ready?

Classic rivalry The Bears take on the Packers Monday Night Football!

Bears In Haiku: Packers 21, Bears 14

Cutler leaves the field after another great performance (Chicago Tribune photo) It’s that time of year.The time to give and receive.Or for Jay …  just give.