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Cubs In Haiku: Compassion In Extras

Cubs In Haiku: Compassion In Extras
Winning in extras Cubs made sure Mets didn’t lose On 9/11 It seems that most Cubs fans, if asked to choose the rival they most despise, would pick the Cardinals. Because I became a fan in the 60’s, I have a particular animosity for the Mets that I’ve never been able to shake. So it’s... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 9, Mets 3

It was rainy and cold again at Wrigley Field when the Cubs beat the Mets on Thursday Big Z 3-for-3 And quality start to boot 2-of-3 from Mets!

Cubs In Haiku: Mets 7, Cubs 4

Mike Quade wasn’t happy when a rain delay was called during the 7th inning on Wednesday. (Tribune photo by Chris Sweda)  Delayed and shortened A rainy day at Wrigley Offense MIA Cubs get just four hits With three of them in the first Not how you win games A quick four run lead Disappeared when... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 11, Mets 1

Tony Campana and Lou Montanez score on Carlos Zambrano’s pinch-hit single in the seventh inning (Tribune photo by Phil Velasquez) The picture’s caption Tells you quite a bit about Cubs injury woes But on Tuesday night Blowout win over the Mets Thanks to new faces Montanez debuts With an RBI double In first Cubs at... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Dodgers 12, Cubs 2

Seagulls might not have outnumbered fans during a cold day at Wrigley, but they certainly had a better time (Chicago Tribune photo by Phil Velasquez) Raindrops kept falling As did hits from Dodger bats Cubs bats cold as temps The Cubs never had a chance …  To be sure, the swarms of seagulls enjoyed the... Read more »

Cubs in Haiku: Mets 18 Cubs 5

Could it have been worse if this guy was pitching? (Chicago Tribune photo by Scott Strazzante) Mets score 5 in fifth Then do it again in eight And third time in ninth

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 5, Mets 3

Three game winning streak Two straight series victories What Cubs team is this? Big Z strong again Is his passion now focused On winning ball games? Quade’s 8-and-3 Best start for Cubs manager Since Jim Essian

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 7, Mets 6

Two three-run homers Marmol walks just one in ninth  Russell gets first win Fonzie and DeWitt Belt long balls for two comebacks Nice to beat the Mets

Cubs In Haiku: Mets 5, Cubs 2

Many hits, few runsWhen you leave ten men on baseIt’s hard to win games

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 9, Mets 3

Finally … Losing streak endsCubs bats come alive tonightFonzie learns to run Alfonso Soriano, after a talk with Lou Piniella and some on-air criticism from Bob Brenly, managed to go 3-for-4 with a walk. After turning a possible triple into a marginal double earlier this week, Fonzie turned a double into a triple with a... Read more »