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Cubs Con In Haiku: Day 2

Saturday startedWith Hall of Fame autographFrom Andre Dawson Convention vets know that everyone gets a scratch off ticket for a chance to win an autograph from the most popular Cubs.  We were lucky enough to win an Andre Dawson autograph. It meant missing the “Meet The Owners” session, but I think it was worth it. ... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Ricketts Makes His First Mistake

Meet The Rickettses (Chicago Tribune Photo) The Cubbies’ new bossHas confidence in HendryThat’s what worries me According to a story in the Chicago Tribune: General manager Jim Hendry, whose contract runs through 2012, has earned the chance to lead the team into next season, Ricketts said. How has he earned that?By trading Mark DeRosaAnd signing... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Cardinals 2, Cubs 1

Cubs tie it in ninth  But D-Ro scores winning run  More salt in the wound Even though these games count only for bragging rights, there’s something maddening about having former Cub Mark DeRosa play a key role once again in a Cardinals victory over the Cubs.  This time he singled to lead off the bottom... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Cardinals 3, Cubs 2

The only thing leftWas to beat the CardinalsA matter of pride It started out wellBut couldn’t have ended worseHolliday walk off The Cubs arrived in St. Louis effectively, if not mathematically, without a chance of making the playoffs.  But beating the Cardinals would provide a little satisfaction by delaying their division title a few more... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: The Newest Cardinal

Why post this picture? Because like lots of Cubs fansI’m a masochist I realize that Jim Hendry didn’t trade DeRosa to St. Louis, and I know that Mark DeRosa is unlikely to be a hall-of-famer like a certain former Cubs outfielder.  But does anybody else think about “Brock-for-Broglio” when they see the picture of one... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Via Twitter

I hope Craig Kanalley over at Breaking Tweets Chicago doesn’t mind me stealing some of his material, but here are a few great haiku tweets about the Crosstown Classic and the DeRosa trade. From @TheUselessHaiku on DeRosa: Let the Cubbies burn Jim Hendry has sent us fans Up a creek, no boat and Mark DeRosa... Read more »

Bad News In Haiku: DeRosa Traded

It’s terrible news  DeRosa’s a Cardinal I blame Jim Hendry Is Hendry saying The Cubs don’t have a pitcher We could have traded? The Cards get our favorite recently-former Cub for their “closer of the future” and a player to be named later.   Couldn’t Hendry find someone with similar numbers to make the fans happy... Read more »