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Bulls In Haiku: Pacers 89, Bulls 84

It was a rough Saturday for Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls (Tribune photo by Chris Sweda)  A twisted ankle Costs the Bulls a playoff sweep Now they’ll win at home Derrick Rose wasn’t quite himself after spraining his ankle in the first quarter of Saturday’s game. Derrick Rose winced as he descended stairs Saturday... Read more »

Bulls In Haiku: Bulls 104, Pacers 99

Tribune photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo A big comeback win Losing with a minute left Bulls come out on top They had to make up a huge deficit, and they did …  Trailing or tied for the first 47 minutes, 12 seconds, the Bulls feasted on their penchant for overcoming adversity, taking their first lead on... Read more »

Injuries in Haiku: Hawks 116, Bulls 92

Rose’s knee in firstNoah’s plantar fasciitisDeng’s swollen left knee (Please forgive my syllables if you pronounce plantar fasciitis differently – I’ve heard it two different ways so I’m going to choose to use the one that fits my haiku.)

Old and New Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 100, Timberwolves 94

Thomas and SalmonsWere not missed thanks to high scoresFrom Kirk, Rose, and Deng Warrick and MurrayMake all Chicago Bulls fansGlad to say goodbye

Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 95, Heat 91

Bulls can take the HeatWithout Noah and ThomasDeng and Rose rocked it

Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 94, 76ers 88

Bulls controlled the fourth“Still, we need to play better.”Says Deng despite win.

Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 83; Bucks 81

Win by only two?Four Bulls score double digits!Deng, Rose, Brad, Pargo

Bulls in Haiku: Heat 95, Bulls 87

Chicago Bulls loseBest of Deng just not enoughWith twenty-six points Bonus from @TheBullsinHaiku Wade makes 10,000First in M. Heat historyNext year in Chi-town?

Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 92, Spurs 85

Welcome back D. Rose!And the good news keeps coming:Luol Deng is great, Tyrus Thomas too.Hinrich’s 3 at end of half,And rookie Taj – Wow!